A contrast in styles

To state the obvious, I’m not a reporter. I’m a commentator. I provide analysis about the issues of the moment, and try to layer in some wit and levity to the proceedings. I take great pride in hearing my pseudonym used by all three of the podcasters. When The Honorable Scot Turner asked me to come and write on Peach Pundit, I made it clear what I’d write. He took no issue, so long as I didn’t misrepresent my opinions as facts and kept things clean. So, I said “Fudge it, let’s have some fun.”

It’s my style.

The Honorable Scot Turner earned a greater status today. Testifying in front of the Committee on House Administration Subcommittee on Elections today, he spoke truth to the fact that elections were not stolen in 2016, 2018, or 2020. While this article isn’t about what he said, it is more how he said it.

Here’s the money quote from my watching:

So if you were to ask me what Congress can do to help solve these problems, they could start leading by example. Every single member can make a choice today to not engage in over-the-top rhetoric to score some political points. Start acting like adults, start working together, and when States like Georgia try to clean up the mess, get out of their way…or better yet, stand behind them and support what they’re trying to do because their goals are noble.


Meanwhile, I’m at a near loss for words about members of the GAGOP Executive Committee.

Start with Brant Frost IV’s son. This past week he reported, with unverified information, an admitted falsehood as fact. Savannah attorney Ryan Purvis, a consultant/volunteer/intelligence chief to Ken Carroll’s campaign, posted a fascinating story about planting with a suspected mole that the Speaker’s Office had contributed $35,000 to Carroll. We checked with sources in the Speaker’s office that, in fact, corroborated Purvis’s admission that no money or support was offered. Nevertheless, Frost’s son unwittingly repeated the line on multiple occasions as seen from video evidence in the thread.

Then, comes one the bigger WTF moments of…forever. Kandiss Taylor, the former gubernatorial candidate and now 1st District GAGOP Chair, spent an entire episode of her podcast talking with Flat Earthers Matt Long and Flat Earth Dave. I mean…I just…this. Just this.

One of the beauties of being human is our ability to rationalize thought and express it in complex, artistic ways. There are moments when people move us to tears with the passion of their spoken word. We stand in awed silence at the intricacy of paintings and portraits. We hold our breath when we see dancers move with the fluidity of water. However, our ability to be so moved by something so wonderful makes us susceptible to forgeries and frauds.

There should be no debate about substance when contrasting styles of one person to another. Instead, we find ourself judging style simply by how rooted in actual fact and reality it is. One cannot perfect art if one is not even willing to acknowledge what art actually is.

At this point, I can’t offer any amount of levity to dispel my disappointment. All I can do is watch – and rewatch – a good man like the Honorable publisher of this blog speak real truth. His style is one rooted in substance. It’s a style rooted in goodness.

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