Pence Drops out of GAGOP Convention and is Replaced by… Nah, this Can’t be Right

Remy the Rumor Mill tells us the folks organizing the GAGOP are buzzing this morning because Former Vice President Mike Pence has decided to forego visiting the GAGOP Convention in Columbus next week in favor of making a televised announcement about his entry into the the 2024 race for the White House.

Remy tells us that current chairman, David Shafer, told a group of activists that Pence would be replaced on the schedule by… checks notes… nah. Man. This CANNOT be right.

Election denier from, checks notes, Arizona, Kari Lake.

Face palm.

The Georgia GOP Convention is in danger of becoming a flat earth gathering.

For those who don’t know, Kari Lake is a former news reporter in Arizona who lost a very winnable race to become Governor of that state because she stunk as a candidate. After her loss, it was widely discussed how she had become Arizona’s version of Stacey Abrams. After all, her similarities to Abrams are stunning.

She lost by 17,000 votes to a Democrat who only had to run and hide to win as Lake self-immolated time and again. Afterward she accused her opponent, the secretary of state at the time, of rigging the votes. She sued and lost because she could not produce a single shred of evidence that supported her claims.

Just like Stacey.

I started this piece by pointing out that this is a rumor. Our rumor mill, however has never been wrong. But just this once I wish it would be.

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  1. (Sighhhhh…)

    JUST when I get to a point of applauding you, Scot, on your blocking of “Kev” from allowing him to post his incessant rants about people who he labeled as “election deniers,” you come along and use the same, ridiculous phrase.

    It’s an absurd phrase, especially in light of the fact in Georgia (especially), entities like the Fulton County Board of Elections, along with friendly Superior Court judges, keep blocking access to VoterGA (and other parties) from gaining access to VIEW the absentee ballots used in the 2020 General Election.

    If nothing is wrong with those ballots, Scot, then WHY are they legally fighting SO hard to prevent the discovery process to see them?

    ANSWER: Because people like Suzi Voyles DID identify pristine absentee ballots (“pristine” meaning absentee ballots by the thousands that were NOT folded or had any creases in them…because true absentee ballots would have been cast by a voter, then folded-up to fit back into the envelopes to mail back to the BOE)…

    …And, the Fulton BOE, along with their pals in the various and sundry “temporary-help agencies-funded by Democrat affiliated organizations” know they stuffed the ballot with pre-printed, and pre-filled-out absentee ballots that were thrown into the mix.

    Scot/Buzz, etc. IF a government agency has nothing to hide, then why are they, the Fulton BOE, fighting so hard against examination of the ballots?

    1. It is a mighty jump from them enforcing the law as written to concluding that they must have something to hide. For what it’s worth, I would support a complete and public inspection of all 147,000 of the ballots, with the added context that there are times a pristine ballot would be appropriate and within normal procedure. For example, the law allows local elections officials, under the supervision of members of both major parties, to recreate damaged ballots that may not feed properly through the scanner. These ballots would not have creases and may appear to be pristine. I was on governmental affairs when Suzy testified and it wasn’t thousands as you stated here. She hand counted 9 batches, or 900 ballots. In some public statements, she has said it was about 40 total ballots she considered duplicates, and in another public statement she claims it was 107. I’ve known her a long time and I do not believe she is a kook, but it is very possible for reasonable people to believe the wrongs conclusions about things that actually have a reasonable explanation.

      So let them look, but denialism is a powerful concept and I don’t expect that any amount of evidence would persuade those in its grip.

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