Peach Pundit The Podcast™: Conspiracy Theories Abound. Kemp For President, Still? SCOTUS. Peachtree Road Race. The Braves Are Good, Real Good.

It’s that time again, time for Peach Pundit The Podcast. Guess what? This is a certified MTG free episode! Thanks Congresswoman! However, there are so many conspiracy theories floating around out there we’re contemplating making it a regular segment. Have mercy Lord.

Topics in this episode include:

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7 Replies to “Peach Pundit The Podcast™: Conspiracy Theories Abound. Kemp For President, Still? SCOTUS. Peachtree Road Race. The Braves Are Good, Real Good.”

  1. Ya know, I am FASCINATED to observe when snowflake political pundits like you three (Scot Turner, Buzz Brockway, Jason Pye) seek to attempt to belittle older generations (us Boomers), whilst demonstrating exactly why the GenX/Millennial/GenZ generations ARE snowflakes, and I point to this broadcast as prime example.

    I was a witness to the Garland Favorito screw-up on his email blast. When some clown initiated a comment thread to Garland’s mistake and made some reference to the State of Georgia acquiring “guillotines,” I KNEW it was a bullsht statement…but you three ACTUALLY go off and RESEARCH stuff as though you were Facebook “Fact checkers” on a mission to squelch some funny meme or some covid comment, and you discover “No, golly, that guy was wrong, the State does not have any guillotines in storage anywhere…”

    As to why Garland did not address the rhetoric regarding fake “guillotines”, its likely because I had called him that next morning and suggested that he send out an email telling people about his error, and to tell people to stop responding by sending an email to “All” on the email stream.

    That is what he did, and I know his time and focus at the moment was on something else entirely unrelated to the email thread. He chose, rightly, to not put much more than one request into his email (i.e., just telling people to stop sending email by Responding to “All”).

    By doing that, the email conversation completely DIED. (Oh dear, I hope my use of the word in caps of “DIED” does not trigger any of you three to respond NEXT week in another broadcast how my Boomer use of the word “DIED” was scary and made you uncomfortable and how you needed to tell your therapist about it…)

    Yeah, he admitted he screwed-up, he had just gotten some new email software, and it hadn’t been setup properly, and he was in a hurry to get an email out, and, yeah, SHT HAPPENS.

    So, Jason Pye, you should consider sticking your “boomer” comment back into your body via any one of your 7 natural orifices of your choice.

    To all three of you: you sound like whiny, prissy, little snowflakes to be UNABLE to recognize and interpret nonsense in print.

        1. Next time I write in excess of 350 words while defending a conspiracy theorist and crazy people who weren’t kidding around in their emails, then you may call me a snowflake.

          1. “‘and crazy people who weren’t kidding around in their emails”

            The only thing I am defending is the absurdity of you 3 focusing more than 20 seconds on the “guillotine” side thread.

            As to the gist of the actual email content of what Garland wrote, I am NOT defending any of that at all.

            He and his crew on VoterGA are demanding nonsense changes to our voting system in Georgia, that, not only do I not support OR defend, but in that conversation I had with Garland that morning, he informed me that BECAUSE I was not supporting them on their push, my Admin responsibilities on the VoterGA Facebook group were being revoked.

            According to Judge Totenberg’s decisions on the Curling lawsuit (Page 18 of the PDF I read part of) , the installation of the Dominion system took 15 months to install and train all counties on it.

            Switching to a paper ballot system would take MORE than the amount of time we have until the 2024 Presidential Preference Primary in March…so, for that reason, I cannot support VoterGA’s campaign of demanding a new system.

            Also, I am aware thru this broadcast via Buzz, that it is not a “software patch” that has to be installed, but a top-to-bottom over-write of the BIOS and potential change-out of hardware on EVERY machine in the state.

            Again, an impossible timeframe to accomplish in time for 2024 PPP.

            BUT, Jason, if you decide to write anything, rather than spend time calling them ‘conspiracy theorists,’ feel free to point out the issues of TIME involved in changing anything in the voting software….because that will put the onus on them to either deal with that, or they will need a new distraction.

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