We’re gonna need more coffee…

Well, this could get awkward real fast for Trump.

Sidney Powell, the Kraken Whisperer, found herself in court pleading guilty to misdemeanor counts in the cases brought by Fani Willis. Honestly, it could have been a whole lot worse for her. She has to pay restitution, write a letter apologizing to the people of Georgia — and, she has to promise to testify truthfully and willingly in other prosecutions.


I’m sure our resident attorney will have more from a legal aspect, but the Trump orbit should take some concern on this. She was in the oval office with him having conversations that she now has to recount truthfully. Any stink of dishonesty and she’s likely to find our plea agreement in the shredder. Presumably, she can still practice law pleading guilty to misdemeanors (at least technically, doubtful she has a full client calendar at this point).

Some of the most notorious gangsters in history have been pinched by virtue of their underlings turning snitch. This is also not a situation where snitches get stitches because Trump is not anywhere near a mafioso. In other words, no horse heads in beds. She’s talking and there’s no amount of leverage he can put on her to actually stop. She’d have not plead guilty if that was the case.

It’s fair to have the debate if this is a good case to prosecute – most of here at Peach Pundit the Blog don’t believe so – but it’s making for good politics for Fani. Remember, her goal here is not really convictions. That she’s securing piddly little misdemeanors is testament to that.

First step is to keep people talking about the case. Check.

Second step is to instigate a nasty primary for the GOP Attorney General primary and usher in a radical Trump fringe candidate to win…yet to be seen..

Third step is to simply not be the crazy person. Seemingly Check.

Let’s see where the rest goes from here…

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