House Releases Maps- Someone is Going Home

And just like that, we know now that there will be blood. In the metaphorical political sense, not literally, of course.

In a press release apparently published just moments after I hit the publish button on my first piece on the topic of redistricting, the House released their proposed maps and a whole bunch of incumbents are being drawn in together. As far as I can tell (if you see more, let me know), they include the following (listed alphabetically to avoid appearances of favoritism):

  • Teri Anulewicz vs. Doug Stoner (Both Democrats)
  • Saira Draper vs Becky Evans (Both Democrats)
  • Gregg Kennard vs Sam Park (Both Democrats)
  • Beth Camp vs. David Knight (Both Republicans)

Republicans that were drawn into very tough districts include Ken Vance and Lauren Daniel. Add to that Representative Mesha Mainor and it looks like the Democrats would be favored to pick up a net of about three seats, maybe four. Feel free to correct my count in the comments if you think my count here is in error.

Representatives Camp and Knight issued a joint press release that essentially read like a, “may the best candidate win,” declaration. Because Judge Steve Jones’s ruling impacted so many metro districts in addition to some in Middle Georgia, when all the tweaking was done it looks like Camp and Knight were just swept up in the changes. I suspect the pro-school choice crowd is going to have very strong feelings about this match up.

If the margin for the Republicans drops to 98, it will be even more important for the House Majority Caucus to be united. The leadership style of Speaker Burns, who has deftly navigated an already challenging margin, will be needed more than ever.

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