Kandiss Taylor is the Church Lady

Y’all. Bless her heart.

Any Gen X’er worth their salt can do a passable impression of Dana Carvey on the classic SNL skit, Church Chat. If you are of a certain age, you just heard that voice in your head of the no nonsense Church Lady saying, “well isn’t that special?”

Unless you’ve been under a rock, by now you have heard about yet another terribly idiotic conspiracy theory involving the NFL scripting games to elevate exposure of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The theory, as it goes, is that she will use her new found fame to endorse Joe Biden.

As if Taylor Swift wasn’t the most popular woman on the planet before she met Travis Kelce.

Enter Peach Pundit’s Favorite Dumbass, failed candidate for U.S. Senate and Governor, 1st District Chair of the Georgia GOP, recruiter of legislative primary challengers, flat earther, and inspiration for the song, “Fine Tail Booty,” Kandiss Taylor.

“Well isn’t that convenient.”

I have contemplated for a while whether to bring attention to Mrs. Taylor. At first I openly chastised those who publicly called her out for drawing attention to her brand of crazy-stupid. My theory was that by bringing attention to her that we essentially are enabling her to continue on. But it is too late for a strategy of ignore-it-and-it-will-go-away since she has ascended to become an official party officer and regularly leverages that position to espouse her views. Even on our podcast, it has been all too easy to lump her in with all Republicans, and I try to push back on that notion as strong as I can.

Kandiss Taylor does not represent the views of Republicans. She represents the views of Kandiss Taylor and the handful of people who see her as a modern, albeit false, prophet. If the Republican Party is ever going to be restored to a respectable organization again, then genuine conservatives can no longer just let her weirdness to go unchecked. We must place our markers now that she does not speak for us lest we risk seeing the best hope of a genuine, healthy, and thriving conservative movement evaporate before our very eyes.

And it is this type of post that woke up memories of the Church Lady and the epiphany that followed, “Oh my word, Kandiss Taylor is the Church Lady!”

Say it with me in your best Church Lady voice, “…could it be… SATAN?!?!

It doesn’t bring me joy to mock her. In a lot of ways I pity the mind that sees an existential threat under every rock. But somewhere along the way in America it became unpopular to shame people when they earned the right to be publicly humiliated. And perhaps it is time we treat shaming as a surgical tool in instances like this.

But if you read her tweets, I mean… Watch this and tell me where I’m wrong.

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