Kemp at the Border

Over the weekend Governor Kemp joined Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, in Eagle Pass, Texas, a border town that has become the the symbolic ground zero for the ongoing border crisis. They were accompanied by no fewer than 12 other Governors, all of whom have signed a letter in solidarity with Texas’s efforts to put up razor wire to stem the flow of illegal immigration.

The timing of the visit coincided with a Congressional effort to pass new legislation, a turn of events that can only be explained by the upcoming election on the calendar. When it comes to dealing with this issue, the Democrats had control of both chambers of Congress and the White House from 2021 until the beginning of 2023 and did exactly nothing. Now they are taking some portions of a bill, HR2, passed in the US House and trying to find something Democrats in the Senate can live with.

The TL:DR version of the debate can be summarized as some are saying it will reduce illegal immigration, and others are saying it doesn’t go far enough. It’s the age old play in it’s 10 millionth act.

Nonetheless, our own Governor has joined the chorus of people saying, with good reason, that new legislation isn’t actually needed; Joe Biden just needs to do his job and enforce the laws that are already there. Which begs the question, even if they do pass a new bill, would this White House even do it’s job then?

Regardless of where you are on the immigration debate, even the most compassionate progressive must look at the images of people literally risking the lives of themselves and their children to engage in perilous acts to cross the border clandestinely and think to themselves that this is no way for humans to be treated. I am still horrified by the story of how human traffickers have taken advantage of people only to leave them dying in the baking San Antonio heat, locked in a tractor trailer. Simply doing nothing is not an option, and using the excuse that they are waiting for a new law to pass when the President can take action right now is unsatisfying.

Here are the tweets from Governor Kemp over the weekend and again this morning imploring the Biden Administration to do their job.

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