Is it Just Me?

Editor’s Note: This article was first published on Substack by Peach Pundit’s Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Erick Erickson. It appears here with his permission. You can find the piece and subscribe to Erick’s Substack here.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see a reason to get pissed off at the “He Gets Us” ads. I am on record thinking they’re an ineffective waste of money done by a very rich family surrounded by those glad to tell them their ideas are great so long as the soothsayers get their commissions.

If the return on investment is saving souls, they’re getting a poor return on investment.

But it is their money to spend and people might get curious about Jesus if the Holy Spirit touches them. But also, and to repeat myself, it is their money. If you want to do it differently, go find the money and do it. The ads are focused on drawing in urban secular people, so the ads aren’t going to reflect you.

You really don’t have to be angry about it and pontificate on it. Being angry is a choice.

Taylor Swift on your TV? So what? A generation of girls is now watching football with their dad in hopes of seeing their favorite singer. The novelty of seeing her wore off and the number of times the cameras went to her dropped through the season, but the bellyaching about seeing her drastically escalated.

I’ve seen a contingent of angry alt-right young men complaining that the NFL is some programmed distraction from reality. Aren’t we entitled to such a thing? They want to bring their obsessions with everything being political into sports and divide us. I actually saw social media accounts of some of these young men declare they needed to root for the team from San Francisco — a real bastion of conservatism — because the Chiefs have a player who advertises for the Pfizer vaccine.

A lot of this is performance, but over time I think some of the idiots begin to believe their own nonsense and hope a lot of you do too. But life just seems too short to care.

The “Black National Anthem?” I agree it is divisive and part of the woke nonsense that black people are something other than American. But are you really that offended by a nicely sung song that you can’t enjoy the game?

Y’all, maybe it is just me, but it really does seem more and more of the right just want to be pissed off about everything. They’ve decided that since they don’t like something, no one can like it and they must dial up their complaining about it.

Social media and the need for clicks and attention is a poison and the right has been poisoned by it, just like the left.

Many of us used to laugh at how online the left had become. The right is now just as bad. We have rolled our eyes at the left wing outrage over Luke Combs singing Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” and outrage over the Kansas City Chiefs being, well, the Chiefs doing a tomahawk chop. Now we’ve got right wing fools convinced the NFL is a psyop to distract us from political fights and a billionaire ran an ad about Jesus.

I’m a small government conservative. I am worried about our standing abroad, our national debt, our border, and my family. But I think more and more most people just want to be entertained and whine. The inmates have taken over the asylum and with them comes entertainment from complaint. Misery, after all, loves company and you can find such company on social media.

Life is just too short to complain so constantly about everything and a hell of a lot of people really could use to touch some grass. We can complain all we want that TikTok is a mind virus from China, but Twitter is a mind virus from hell too.

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