UPDATED: Court Filings Related to Catoosa County with gop response

Below you will find links to the court filings of Larry Black, Chairman of the Catoosa County Board of Commissioners, Jeffery Long, Catoosa County Commissioner for District 1, Vanita Hullender, Catoosa County Commission for District 3, and Steven Henry, former Chair of the Catoosa County Board of Commissioners and candidate for Chair. The links include the Petitions filed by the Plaintiffs against the Catoosa County Republican Party, an unincorporated association, and its officers as well as the court orders ordering the Catoosa County Republican Party to qualify the Plaintiffs.

As the situation develops over the course of the week, we will add new filings here to watch for updates.

Plaintiff’s Response to Respondents Emergency Motion (Posted 3/7/2024)

Catoosa County Republican Party Verified Answer (Posted 3/7/2024)

Catoosa County Republican Party response (Posted 3/6/2024)

There is still a lot to unpack here, but at first glance, Alex Johnson’s argument fails immediately as Rule 1.1 of the Rules of the Georgia Republican Party defines as Members, “All electors who are in accord with the principles of the Republican Party…” A county party cannot given the supremacy of State Party Rules restrict that definition of “member.” What Johnson is, in fact arguing is, the Party Officers have the power to take away from the members the decision on who the Republican nominee should be by barring potential candidates from the ballot. Most of his other arguments I already addressed in The Curious Case of Alex Johnson.

Black Petition (Posted 3/6/2024)

Black Order (Posted 3/6/2024)

Henry Petition (Posted 3/6/2024)

Henry Order (Posted 3/6/2024)

Long Petition (Posted 3/6/2024)

Long Order (Posted 3/6/2024)

Hullender Petition (Posted 3/6/2024)

Hullender Order (Posted 3/6/2024)

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