Catoosa County Saga Continues as judge orders the County Elections Director to Qualify the Candidates

Editor’s Note: This information has been obtained from individuals who were in the courtroom and eyewitness accounts may not be initially accurate. We will update this post as more information, including the court filings, are obtained.

The attorneys for the Catoosa County Republican Party and the five Republican candidates that the Party has been refusing to qualify for election/re-election were back before Superior Court Judge Don Thompson at 8:30 am. Despite Thompson’s order yesterday that fined the Catoosa County GOP and the six other Respondents $1,000 an hour per the four Petitioners ($28,000 an hour), the Party still refused to qualify the candidates.

Thompson declined to send the Party leaders to jail for contempt of court as they were relying on [bad] legal advice, but stated the fines will continue until qualifying ends at noon. If the Party still refuses to qualify the candidates, then the county elections director is to qualify the Republican candidates at noon.

Catherine Bernard submitted a filing for an immediate appeal, but Judge Thompson denied the motion to stay for an appeal and stuck the Motion to Appeal. While a TRO is not generally subject to direct appeal, unlike a preliminary injunction, that will eventually be for the Court of Appeals to decide if they want to take up the appeal.

Latest order from Judge Don Thompson.

Another hearing has been set for March 27 at 9:00 AM.

Check back for updates.

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