Primary and Special Election Results

Yesterday, Georgia voters who had not voted early or absentee went to the polls to cast ballots in the Georgia Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) and, in the Augusta area, the special election in House District 125 which was vacated by the appointment of House Rep. Barry Fleming to the Superior Court. Turnout yesterday was around 5% statewide.

The results in the PPP were are foregone conclusion. With about 96.23% of the vote counted, Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden won their primaries overwhelmingly. Despite facing two other candidates on the ballot, both of whom have suspended their campaigns, Biden took 95.19% of the 288,265 votes cast. With eleven candidates on the Republican ballot, Donald Trump took 84.47% of the 587,027 votes cast with Nikki Haley, who suspended her campaign after losses on Super Tuesday after early voting in Georgia had started, still took 77,737 votes (13.24%).

Haley did the best in Fulton and DeKalb Counties winning 37.5% in Fulton and 39.6% in DeKalb, but Trump won every county in Georgia.

In the runoff for District 125 which pitted former Columbia County Commissioner Gary Richardson against activist and social media influencer C.J. Pearson, Richardson easily won against Pearson taking 60.18% of the 6,499 votes. The campaign drew attention as Governor Brian Kemp’s campaign organization became involved against the 21 year old Pearson, who closely aligned with Donald Trump and had served as campaign manager for former State. Rep. and DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones in his brief primary bid against the Governor. Jones eventually decided to qualify for a Congressional seat rather than continuing his challenge against Kemp.

Pearson has received national attention since he was in middle school for his online political activism. Pearson used his national connections to raise over $135K in the race according to State Ethics filings, and had endorsements for Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake and Congressman Bryon Daniels (R-FL).

Richardson, who touted his local connections, raised only a little over $41,000 according to State Ethics filings.

Pearson and Richardson both qualified for the May 21 GOP Primary, so the two will face off again in two months.

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