No Moore of that…Colton Forced from the Well and Banned from the House

State Senator Colton Moore, who was kicked out of the Republican Caucus, but oddly not banned from running for re-election by the State Republican Party, was forced by Lt. Governor Burt Jones to yield the Well of the Senate as Moore decided to use late Speaker David Ralston’s 70th birthday to go on a tirade against the legislator who passed away last year.

After various tributes on a day that saw lawmakers honoring the Speaker and included the unveiling of Ralston’s portrait, Moore decided it would be prudent to take to the Well of the Senate and highlight the late Speaker’s controversies.

A rightfully agitated Burns called out Moore for impugning the integrity of Ralston and praised the Lt. Governor and other Senators for defending Ralston.

Burns then, to the cheers of House members, asked the Doorkeeper of the House to prevent Moore from coming into the ante room or the floor of the House. Burns called his motion a “motion with emotions.”

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