MTG Misses the Irony of Her Earthquake Tweet, as Trump’s Bedminster Sits Inside Epicenter

Greetings from the Outer Banks where The Better Half™️, The Kid™️, and I are on vacation. Well, they’re vacationing. I’ve had to work for about half the trip because of FISA and other bills on my radar.

Sooooooo, this morning, there was an earthquake. Like, an actual earthquake. Hunterdon County, New Jersey was the epicenter of a 4.8 magnitude earthquake. The county is just north of Trenton and north/northeast of Philadelphia.

Now, earthquakes on the East Coast aren’t uncommon. There was an earthquake in 2011, the epicenter of which was Mineral, Virginia, that was felt in Washington, DC. That 5.8 magnitude earthquake did some damage to the Washington Monument. The damage was serious enough to keep the monument closed for roughly three years.

Well, MTG has thoughts on today’s earthquake, and apparently the coming eclipse, which isn’t exactly a surprise to anyone. She is taking these natural occurring events as signs from above and urging us all to repent.

You gotta wonder if MTG is buying the conspiracy theories about the eclipse. It wouldn’t be the first time she bought into a conspiracy theory, after all. In any event, the irony of MTG’s tweet is Hunterdon County is home to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, which is in the epicenter of today’s earthquake.

If MTG is right, what’s the man upstairs telling Dear Leader?

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