Loudermilk Sends Message to Postal Service

Last year when the pair I had been wearing got eaten by a dog, I bought a new pair of eyeglasses online and paid extra for the expedited shipping. I then eagerly awaited their arrival in hopes that I could see clearly once more. What I ended up seeing clearly is just how awful mail delivery has gotten in Georgia.

On the day that they were suppose to be delivered, the tracking information said they had in fact arrived in Atlanta over night, yet they did not arrive at my home in Holly Springs. For three days they apparently took up residence in Atlanta and didn’t move. When they did move, they were sent to Birmingham, and then on to four separate small towns in Texas. They wound up showing up on my door roughly 2 months after I ordered them, only by then I had received a different pair.

My neighbors have been complaining for months about slow mail delivery on our neighborhood Facebook page.

Took 3 weeks for a letter to go from Woodstock to Roswell

Took 2 months for them to return a card that had the wrong house # on it

Took 3 weeks for an Easter card to arrive from Tampa

Willing to bet that my mailed IRS and State of GA tax checks will be cashed and cleared within a week though..

Tracy Sadowski – Woodstock Resident on Facebook 4/15/2024

We were expecting a check from our bank and it never came. We had the check cancelled and found a different way to get the money. The original check arrived last week that was sent February 12.

Michael Latimer – Holly Springs Resident on Facebook 4/15/2024

For my part, I have been complaining about mail service in Cherokee County for years. While I was still in the legislature, a neighbor of mine consistently received my legislative mail and I would often get her People Magazine subscription. After we were done reading each other’s mail we would exchange the items later. It wasn’t ideal.

Congressman Loudermilk’s Chief of Staff, Rob Adkerson, sent over a press release highlighting a letter all of the Republican members of the Congressional Delegation have signed on to highlighting the frustrations Georgians are feeling about slow mail delivery. I digress, but this would be a shining opportunity for bipartisan cooperation, mail delivery is not partisan.

At any rate, I hope the letter from the delegation will rattle some chains enough to get some bureaucrat off their butt and do something to fix it. And before someone comes here and tries to explain why it is broken and justify this type of poor performance, just save it. I do not care how sausage is made, I just want it when I want it. And right now, by the time it shows up in the mail its a month old and moldy.

Here is the press release with a link to the full letter:

Rep. Loudermilk and GA House Republicans Urge Postmaster General DeJoy to Address USPS Delays and Operations Issues

Washington, D.C. (April 15, 2024) | Today, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (GA-11) released a letter, signed by the Georgia Republican Congressional Delegation, to United States Postal Service (USPS) Postmaster General Louis DeJoy expressing deep concerns regarding the current state of mail service delivery in Georgia in the wake of significant delays and operational breakdowns.  

In their letter, the lawmakers take Postmaster General DeJoy to task and describe the many frustrations constituents are facing with the delays in delivery and receipt of their mail stating, “As Members of the United States House of Representatives, we have received numerous calls from constituents frustrated with the abrupt delay in delivery and receipt of their mail. Our constituents, most of whom have always viewed the USPS as reliable, depend on timely delivery of mail to pay their bills, receive their paychecks, file their taxes, send their ballot, and get medications and other life-saving products.”

Unfortunately, many have lost faith – some may not ever hold the Postal Service in high regard again, especially when it is unable to forecast when delivery times may return to normal,” the lawmakers added

The letter demands answers to several questions regarding the mail service delivery breakdowns and disruptions by May 10, 2024, and invites DeJoy to Georgia to see the service impacts himself. “All Georgians and Americans deserve to have secure access to their mail without disruption. These significant delays and operational breakdowns occurring across the state are not acceptable and require USPS to conduct rigorous oversight and provide much-needed transparency to ensure similar disruptions are quickly resolved,” said Rep. Barry Loudermilk (GA-11). “I join my constituents in demanding answers from USPS and encourage them to take swift action. I urge Postmaster General DeJoy to come to Georgia as soon as possible.” 

It is past time for the USPS to fix their systemic issues and deliver the quality service that rural Georgians deserve and depend on,” said Rep. Austin Scott (GA-08).  

Georgians have relied on the United States Postal Service for decades. Yet, my constituents continue to experience unacceptable delays in receiving their mail,” said Rep. Buddy Carter (GA-01).“Our mail system must work seamlessly in order for Georgians to receive certain prescriptions, receive their paychecks, pay their bills, or file their taxes. I am proud to have signed onto my colleague’s letter calling for more transparency to prevent these unexpected and frustrating delays.” 

My district and D.C. offices continue to receive increased outreach from constituents regarding USPS issues, and the Postal Service must do more to ensure the integrity of its mail delivery operations. The Regional Processing and Delivery Center in Atlanta must address the operational breakdowns and service delivery delays that are occurring, and we will continue to demand action,” said Rep. Drew Ferguson (GA-03).  

“Americans should be able to trust that their mail will arrive on time. Period. I have continued to take action on this issue after hearing from many constituents about their ongoing and extensive delays with the U.S. Postal Service; these recurring delivery interruptions are significantly impacting Georgia families and businesses. My Georgia colleagues and I are demanding answers from Postmaster General DeJoy, and we will continue to take immediate and necessary steps until the situation is resolved,” said

Rep. Rick Allen (GA-12). “I have deep concerns with the current state of mail delivery by the United States Postal Service in Georgia and across the nation. Our constituents, most of whom have always viewed the USPS as reliable, depend on timely delivery of mail for various essential needs. Unfortunately, many have lost faith in the Postal Service. The time to act is now,” said Rep. Rich McCormick (GA-06).  

I’m proud to join Rep. Loudermilk in pressing the U.S. Postal Service for answers regarding the agency’s botched consolidation process, which has tremendously burdened Northeast Georgians. I remain committed to working with my colleagues on this critical matter to ensure our constituents receive the efficient and effective mail delivery operations that they deserve,” said Rep. Andrew Clyde (GA-09).  

“Millions of Georgians rely on reliable mail delivery. It is paramount that USPS not only address their customers’ concerns with top-tier customer service but begin promptly implementing solutions to address mass mail disruptions across the state,” said Rep. Mike Collins (GA-10).  

Read the full letter here

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