If Someone Lies During a Campaign, You Can’t Trust Them in Office

Early voting begins for our primary elections in just a few days, but there are some folks out there who are so desperate to be somebody that they will say or do anything to win, including just flat out lie. Enter a real piece of trash, Cary Lucas, who has shown he is unfit for office by mailing out a photoshopped image of State Representative Todd Jones of House District 25. The images speak for themselves.

This is the original photo of Joe Biden holding up the hands of a couple of other politicos who may be unfamiliar to the GAPOL community. And that’s understandable because the photo was not taken in Georgia. However the aforementioned piece of trash, Cary Lucas, decided to photoshop State Rep Jones and Stacey Abrams into it and then slap that fake image on a mail piece.

On Mr. Lucas’s website, he writes that, “my top priority is the people of this district and representing them with integrity.” And yet his actions in sending out this mail piece faking the presence of Todd jones with Stacey Abrams and Joe Biden show that he is willing to be completely deceptive to the voters of House District 25. In short, actions like these show Mr. Lucas has no integrity at all.

If Mr. Lucas is willing to send out a lie like this while claiming to have integrity as his top priority, what else will he lie about if he is elected to office? I hope we never find out.

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