Speaker Johnson: MTG Not a Serious Lawmaker


Speaker Mike Johnson just dropped a, “bless her heart” on Marjorie Taylor Greene. Video in the link:

Burman: Is [MTG] a serious lawmaker?

Speaker Johnson: I don’t think she’s proving to be, no. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about her; I’ve got to do my job. And we do the right thing and we let the chips fall where they may. That’s my philosophy, that’s how we’re governing. We’re going to keep the train on the tracks and show the American People that not just what we’re against but what we are for. That there’s a conservative agenda that is necessary to get the country back on the right track. And the way for us to do that is to keep and grow the House majority. Descending into chaos and closing the House down and vacating the chair again is exactly the opposite of what needs to happen.

Emphasis mine.

Because we are never going to agree with anyone all of the time, the best we can hope for is that their motives are altruistic in times of disagreement. And that is what I am seeing out of Speaker Johnson in this moment.

He has presented his case for policies that MTG does not agree with and instead of trying to win more votes to her side she has decided to burn down the building. Of course to win people over she would have to start exhibiting some form of leadership ability that she has been unable to muster to this point. And can anyone honestly say that she could start doing that at any point in the future when a sitting Speaker of the House from her own party says she is not a serious lawmaker?

And it isn’t like I don’t know what it is like to go up against a sitting Speaker, right? But there is a significant difference here, and it goes back to trusting that motives are altruistic even when there are disagreements. Because the opposite of altruistic is egotistic, and it is pretty clear between Johnson and Green who is acting clearly out of self interest.

What will also be interesting to see will be if the donor class is finally getting tired of her bullshit. Meaning will this be the moment that she finally sees a well funded primary challenge for her re-elect in 2026? A lot can happen between now and then, of course, but she is such a loose cannon Jewish Space Laser that who knows how low she can go in the eyes of people who care enough about this country to make something like that happen.

For now, I guess, all we can say is Bless her heart.

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