Look How Easy it Was to Upscale this Image

After Mr. Simon lost his mind over getting called out for making false attacks and claimed that you cannot print less than 300 DPI and therefore he must be right, I went to Sean Knox’s business website and downloaded this photo.

I then went to a vendor I have used in the past to get logos I have created vectored and used their free online tools. Shout out to the awesome folks over at Sticker Mule, by the way. And again, it took me 30 seconds.

30 seconds to prove that Bill Simon has no idea what he is talking about.

And before Mr. Simon repeats the demonstrably false claim that you cannot print using upscaled images, the folks at Sticker Mule have spent a lot of money marketing that they can. And they did for me on another project, which tuned out freaking fantastic. The tech has passed Mr. Simon by.

And you don’t have to save images from sources like Instagram anymore. To prove the point, the image I used of Rep. Daniel was a screen capture from her Instagram account. I didn’t enhance the screen capture at all. If I wanted to upscale that one though, Sticker Mule would do it in a jiffy and print high quality stickers. Go on a try it for yourself. See how far technology has advanced. See how fast it is. Order yourself some stickers with Sean Knox’s face on it while you are at it.

Regarding copyright infringement, only the holder of the copyright has standing to enforce it. Mr. Simon can scream it is illegal all he wants, but failing to enforce a copyright is not collusion. And it does happen all the time. No one ever files a copyright infringement case over political mail. Tilt at those windmills, Don Quixote!

If Mr. Simon is served with a libel suit, and God I hope he is (although I think the people he has made false claims about are too busy to pursue it), I think it is cute that he thinks the judge will think my personal information is somehow germane to the fact that he will have been accused of making false claims without evidence against others. Mr. Simon has made an illogical leap and I am thinking those he may have libeled could own his domain and his email list and any and all assets under the Political Vine brand by the end of the year if they really wanted to.

Oh, and I never told Mr. Simon that I warned Mr. Moore about the bill that he introduced before he filed it. If I spoke to Mr. Simon at all back then I would have told him that Moore had been warned. I never said by me. I am on record on several occasions, including at the time, telling people that I had no idea what Moore had done before the media contacted me for a quote. I even have a record of the conversation through Facebook Messenger when Joshua Sharpe, then with the Cherokee Tribune, contacted me about it at 2:24 PM on February 20th, 2014.

Later, I gave a speech from the well about that bill where I tell the whole world that I did not know about it before the media informed me of its existence. And yet, somehow Mr. Simon expects people to believe that I told him something different than I stated so publicly on the floor of the Georgia House of Representatives and to the media? Not a chance. I cannot believe he has been stewing on that for 10 years.

However, I was told at the time, and remember this is over a decade ago now, that Legislative Counsel had warned Moore that he would have to eliminate the loitering section of the law that dealt with sex offenders and he said he wanted to have the debate anyway. There are still media reports with Moore on camera making that statement, I remember relaying that to several people back in 2014. I also remember vividly confronting Mr. Moore in front a group of Cherokee activists when he tried to claim the bill did not address sex offenders at all. But I must admit I do not remember having that conversation with Mr. Simon.

I do remember however, Mr. Simon called me while in my final year in the legislature looking for help defeating a cityhood measure, though. And I also recall that he recently asked me via email if he could advertise on Peach Pundit the Podcast™, and I declined his business.

Sadly, as I predicted, Mr. Simon has clung to his claims and has attacked good people. I do not believe he possesses the ability to admit he has made a grievous error. And he responded exactly as I thought he would and predicted in the previous post. I do not expect this post to do anything other than stoke his rage, but oh well. I will leave him to his rage and stop giving him the attention he craves and not post about him on here again just because I do not want to Peach Pundit to devolve into that type of blog.

But damn, I will say, he is not at all photogenic.

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  1. Oooo, now let’s upscale a pic of lil Willie next! I love watching him waffle and whine.

    P.S. Coming from a professional printing background, nothing about the process requires 300dpi and having pixel perfect images is a farce at best.

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