Catoosa RINO’s Get Stomped by Republican Voters – New Song!

The Catoosa County GOP must be tired of all the winning by now.

The misguided souls who have raided and taken over county level Republican Parties are very fond of invoking the language of our founders by describing themselves as, “We the People.” The idea seems to be that since a small band of activists elected them to serve in a party position that they are representative of all people, every where. Brian Pritchard, the erstwhile first vice chair of the GAGOP, has been fond of using similar language justifying his presence on the Executive Committee by saying, “the people” elected him to his position.


Just because a miniscule number of people gather in small circles to pass a conch and decide who will be their leader doesn’t make them qualified to speak for We the People. And in the case of the Catoosa GOP they proved, with empirical evidence, they do not even speak for the Republican voters in that county.

We have documented how the backroom dealers in charge of the Catoosa GOP attempted to deny ballot access to incumbents Larry Black, Vanita Hullander, and Jeff Long. A fourth candidate who had previously served as Commission Chair, Steven Henry, was also denied. When a judged forced the issue these four candidates were restored to their rightful place on the Republican primary ballot.

And then all four proceeded to prove my point all along by finishing above the chosen candidates for the local party. In Jeff Long’s case, he won the right to advance outright with just under 65% of the vote, a landslide. In the Chairman’s race, Black and Henry advanced to a runoff sharing just under 67% of the vote. For Hullander’s part, she advance to a runoff with a 29 point lead on her second place finisher, just 40 votes shy of an outright win.

It was a bad night for the accountability rule and in a saner time it would be the end of the concept altogether. Republicans would come to their senses and realize that it is damaging for the party’s brand to expressly state they do not have confidence in voters to nominate candidates. But this is not a saner time and the people pushing this effort are not going to stop. Instead, they will use their overwhelming defeat to justify to the other tin-pot dictators that they must now move to end primaries altogether.

They are playing with fire.

A friend of Peach Pundit and local Catoosa activist, Elliot Pearce, has even created a song to commemorate the Catoosa GOP’s failure. And it is causing us to bask in the schadenfreude, we hope you enjoy it too.

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