Willis’ Remade Anti-Corruption Team Investigates Trump.

The Daily Beast looks at the new team Fulton DA Fani Willis has investigating Trump’s post-election activities in Georgia:

In interviews with Willis, her staff, five former members of the team, and several people who interacted with them, The Daily Beast has learned there are now two grand juries underway in Fulton County, and jurors in these secret proceedings will soon be asked to issue subpoenas demanding documents and recordings related to the Trump investigation.

“I suspect that’s in the very near future,” Willis told The Daily Beast.

And this:

Three cases were referred to her office from the Office of the Secretary of State, she said. The monumental task of conducting this investigation has fallen on the DA’s new anti-corruption team, once known as the “public integrity unit.” It’s a small team that traditionally investigates police misconduct and corrupt local government officials. Willis decided to scrap and rebrand the team because of its troubled history, one that has repeatedly drawn rebuke in Atlanta. Over the decades, the team has proved incapable of handling its regular caseload, derailing careers by leaving accused cops stuck at desk assignments—and forcing impatient families to wait years for basic answers.

With Trump, they’re now faced with the highest of high-profile potential defendants—one with enormous political backing and a legion of followers from whom he can instantly raise millions of dollars for his defense.

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