Peach Pundit Podcast: Elections Bill, Hope for Libertarians? and Candidates Galore.

Jason, Scot, and I gathered virtually again tonight to talk various things happening on this Legislative Sine Die.

First up was the final passage and signing into law of SB 202, the “Election Integrity Act of 2021.” We talk about some of the controversial provisions within the new law. We wonder if the reaction of the bill’s opponents matches what’s actually in the bill and if this will do as Republicans hope and solve their electoral problems. Heh.

Next, we discussed the recent court ruling against Georgia’s restrictive ballot access laws. Is it good news for the State’s Libertarians and could it lead to better, more substantive political campaigns?

As the 2021 Legislative session winds down, the 2022 political season ramps up. Several candidates have announced their intentions, and several others are rumored to moving toward announcements. We discuss.

I gave a shoutout to Niles Francis’ Substack “Peach State Politics.” If you’re interested, give him a look.

Finally, we comment on the status of a few bills in the Georgia Legislature.

In addition to YouTube and your favorite podcast app, tonight’s episode was streamed on Twitch. Look for more of that in future episodes.

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