Do Grassroots Republicans Want To Win Elections? I’m Not So Sure Anymore.

For some time I’ve been hearing about an effort to get county Republican parties to censure Governor Kemp, LG Duncan, and SOS Raffensperger at their county organizing conventions this year. According to the AJC, at least two county parties did so this past weekend. My home county of Gwinnett meets this weekend and since the person leading the resolution effort (Debbie Dooley) resides in my county, I’m sure such an effort is underway here as well.

Let me go on record as being in opposition to this effort. I intend to speak against, and vote against these resolutions, should they come up for a vote this Saturday.

In case Grassroots Republicans haven’t noticed, Georgia isn’t the GOP stronghold it once was. Democrats now control the U.S. Senate and are talking about passing all sorts of things Republicans say they oppose – all because hundreds of thousands of Georgia Republicans stayed home instead of voting in the January 5th Senate runoffs. Democrats in Georgia are in the process of putting together a strong slate of statewide candidates. I’m sure Democrats are working hard to recruit candidates for Congressional and Legislative seats in 2022. What are Republicans up to? Trying to relitigate the 2020 elections, blaming everyone on earth except Trump for his loss, making demands they can’t enforce on SOS Raffensperger, and dreaming up new ways to visit revenge upon all those deemed not “MAGA” enough.

Let me say it as plainly as I can: If Grassroots Republicans continue these kinds of activities, they’ll get slaughtered in 2022. It won’t be because of “RINOs” or “rigged elections” or the like. It will be because most of the 5 million people who came to the polls in November of 2020 couldn’t care less about internal political party squabbles, or who’s still upset over Trump’s loss. Voters want to know what policies Republicans are willing to fight for to make their lives better.

The GOP used to stand for freedom, economic growth, and opportunity for everyone. Those things are in the Party’s platform, back when the national GOP had a platform. Sadly, the post-2020 election GOP doesn’t seem interested in those things anymore. Those of us who still believe in freedom, economic growth, and opportunity for everyone are hoping Grassroots Republicans regain a desire to talk about those things once again, and soon.

2 Replies to “Do Grassroots Republicans Want To Win Elections? I’m Not So Sure Anymore.”

  1. So are you going to talk about Fight Club?

    And why in the H E double hockey sticks would the Republicans keep David Shafer as Chairman? Allowing, if not encouraging this open dissention tearing away support for state office holders of his own party is yet another example of his dismal leadership. If it hasn’t quite been the Titanic under his tenure it has been the Exxon Valdez, or at the very least the Golden Ray.

  2. The mantra of the party at this point seems to be “Just Say No.” Substantive policy positions were rare in the George W Bush era. During the last administration, those final shreds of ideology and principle were fully abandoned. Whatever the mercurial Donald Trump wanted was the party’s shaky position. Now, Rs have just gone back to being staunchly opposed to any progress whatsoever. Winning elections is a much lower priority than “owning the libs” and fighting for the losing side in the “culture wars.”

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