Peach Pundit Podcast Podcast: Doug Collins Passes on 2022 Cycle, Wild Speculation on Candidates, GOP Voters Staying Home, and More

The April 28th episode of the Pod had the boys talking nonstop.

We speculate about why Doug Collins decided to declare he is not seeking any office in the next election.

Speculation about who is running for various offices including Buddy Carter, Meagan Hanson, Drew Ferguson, and Phillip Singleton. A special shout out here to John Pezold (a man can hope).

New data shows just how many Republicans stayed home during the January 5th Senate runoffs.

President Biden to visit Georgia on Thursday and our hopes for what he will say.

Loeffler takes a shot at Raffensperger forcing us to talk about the SOS office yet again (We really didn’t want to).

Why the national Dem effort to ban menthol cigarettes is a Georgia issue and why it is a bad idea.

With the announcement that the Braves will be at full capacity for their home games starting on May 7th, we ask, is the pandemic over?

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