Rumor We are Pretty Sure is True: Meagan Hanson to Challenge Lucy McBath

When the new Peach Pundit team cracked open the storage facility, we saw, placed unceremoniously and abandoned in a dark corner, under a sheet, a dusty and well worn machine. It had no instructions, so I just plugged it in and pressed the power button. It has been sitting there making sounds that can only be described as hissing and spitting ever since. But today it rattled around to grab our attention and then blasted us with a fog horn before revealing it’s true purpose. It turns out the machine is a rumor mill, and today it spit this out: Former State Representative and Attorney from Brookhaven, Meagan Hanson, will seek the GOP nomination to challenge Lucy McBath in what is today’s 6th Congressional District.

You heard it here first.

Hanson has some experience taking on and knocking off sitting Democrats in office; she defeated Taylor Bennet (D) to earn the seat for The House in 2016 in a tight race. HD 80 has been a fickle creature over the years though, flipping between R and D four times in consecutive elections. In fact, when Hanson won the seat, Hillary Clinton outpaced Donald Trump by a wide margin there. She was ultimately defeated when she sought reelection in 2018 to a guy who literally went to the polls handing out pizza to voters while they were in line to cast their ballots.

Hanson is currently the Executive Director of Georgians for Lawsuit Reform, a Georgia Chamber of Commerce backed group dedicated to tort reform in Georgia.

With redistricting, the current 6th District is sure to get a more conservative makeover, but that will not mean the coast is clear for Hanson. But she has shown some fight before and the rumor mill, who I shall henceforth call Remy, tells us national money is interested in backing her candidacy. So the situation is shaping up to be in her favor.

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