Bee Nguyen Officially Enters Race for SoS

The game is afoot. The 2022 race for Secretary of State has it’s first Democratic announcement. This brings the total in the race to three: current incumbent Brad Raffensperger (who the guys on the podcast would really like to stop talking about), current US Rep. Jodi Hice (seems like a fool’s errand to me), and now State Rep Bee Nguyen.

Rep. Nguyen is a younger state rep who currently occupies the seat once occupied by Stacey Abrams. In her short tenure in the General Assembly, she has managed to turn a few heads and gain a better mastery of social media than most in the building. We’ll see how that and her solidly progressive positions, most of which are not highlighted in her announcement, help her as she runs state wide.

Announcement video below.

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