State Rep. Timothy Barr To Run For Congress

State Representative Timothy Barr (R-Lawrenceville) announced today he is seeking to replace 10th district Congressman Jody Hice. Hice announced earlier this year he is running for Secretary of State.

Barr posted on Facebook:

Today, I officially announced my campaign for Congress in Georgia’s 10th District.

My wife Melinda and I spent years in Bolivia building children’s homes. The government there was oppressive and the political leader unilaterally impacted the daily lives of the people on a whim. When we came back to the United States to have our first child, we had such a profound appreciation for our government recognizing God-given freedoms that we named our daughter Liberty.

I often tell people when I fight for Liberty, it has a deeper meaning. I believe each of us has a duty to safeguard American democracy for future generations, including my children and yours. This is why in Atlanta, I proudly stood for our values by fighting for the Heartbeat Bill, cosponsoring Constitutional Carry, and NEVER voting for a tax increase.

Now, under President Biden, we have a federal government that is actively eroding our liberty. I, for one, refuse to be a generation who hands our country over to socialism and this is why I have decided to run for Congress.

In Washington, I won’t cave to the Biden Administration or the radical left and I will actively take on the ‘cancel culture’ that seeks to silence conservatives. Ronald Reagan once said, ‘If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.’ This statement rings true now more than ever and I am ready and willing to stand up for America. Let’s fight to expand freedom and limit government so that our country can continue to be a beacon of liberty in the world for generations to come.

For Liberty,

Timothy Barr

Barr joins Paul Broun as Republican candidates seeking the spot in Congress.

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