Rumors We Are Pretty Sure are True: Gary Black for US Senate, State Senator Tyler Harper for Commissioner of Agriculture

While watching the Braves take on the Brewers yesterday afternoon, right around the the second at bat of that young man who plays for Milwaukee who is the spitting image of Chris Farley (Fat man in a little coat!), Remy, our inherited and long neglected rumor mill, began to whir and then hum faintly what sounded like Glory, Glory. We are still getting used to the thing, so we are not sure why it does what it does. All I know is if it starts singing Ramblin’ Wreck I am kicking it to the curb. But by this morning it was clear on letting us know somethings that are about to happen as it very clearly sounded like Ray Charles crooning about moonlight through the pines.

But I digress.

As Buzz first posted a couple weeks ago, rumor has it that Gary Black is in fact in for the US Senate against Rafael Warnock. Commissioner Black has served as the Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture since 2011. I got to know him a little while I served on the House Agriculture Committee and came to know him as a soft spoken, rational person who cared deeply about making farmers in Georgia as successful as they can be.

Agriculture, by the way for those who are near the perimeter, has been and will likely always be, Georgia’s largest industry. Number two isn’t even close. Which leads us to who in the world is going to replace Commissioner Black while he lays himself down at the altar of service? Well, Remy has opinions about that too, it seems. The name given (so far), has been State Senator Tyler Harper.

Full disclosure time: I have shot a bunch of deer on property owned by Senator Harper. But that doesn’t mean that he has told me personally what his plans are, because when I called him to ask about all this I had to leave a voice mail.

Remy continues to spin, and we will bring you what he says as he graces us with rumor nuggets. But until, then, can we have a discussion about this please?

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