Podcast – A Conversation With Brian Clowdus

Earlier in the year I attended the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans dinner, with guest speaker Brian Clowdus. Brian founded the Serenbe Playhouse just south of Atlanta, and served as the Artistic Director for nearly a decade. He left in late 2019 to focus on his eponymous production company, which continues to produce shows around the country.

In 2020 after his departure, amid the focus on racism and surge of Black Lives Matter, Serenbe Playhouse and Brian were accused of racism. As a result of the attempt to ‘cancel’ him, Brian became more outspoken about his conservative political views. He actively participated in Trump’s on-the-ground effort in the panhandle of Florida, where he has since moved. His social media presence focused on Trump rallies and building support for conservative causes.

In this special “Conversations” episode of the Peach Pundit Podcast, I sit down with Brian for an extended discussion about his experiences over the last 18 months, his candidacy for Florida House District 6 in 2022, and his upcoming production in the Atlanta area.

We hope to do more of these long-form podcasts with interesting cultural and political guests in the future. If you’re interested, please contact us!

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  1. Is “cancel culture” a problem just on the left? I mean, I am old enough to remember a long list of people and businesses (read “job creators”) that Donald Trump tried to cancel – like Rosie O’Donell and Brian Kemp.

    The Georgia GOP seemingly won’t be happy until they cancel Delta Airlines.

    Goodness, this was a mind-numbing listen.!

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