More On The “Maybe” Candidates: Abrams and Walker.

Former UGA running back Herschel Walker has registered to vote in Georgia. A necessary action is he is going to seek the GOP Senate nomination.

The former University of Georgia football star registered to vote in Georgia on Aug. 17 after decades of living in Texas, state records show. He listed his residence as the Buckhead home owned by his wife, Julie Blanchard, one of multiple properties he maintains in the state.

Meanwhile, Democrats are hoping former State Representative Stacey Abrams will run for Governor…in Georgia…in 2022.

Williams, the Democratic legislator, predicted Abrams would counter that message with a call for a more aggressive coronavirus strategy and a promise to expand Medicaid, an issue that Republicans have long opposed as too costly in the long run.

“I really do expect her to run. Georgia needs her. We’re in crisis after crisis. We’re here now dealing with the delta variant and we’re not doing the logical things that help, like expanding Medicaid,” Williams said. “We’re driven by naysayers and not driven by science.”

Many Republicans welcome the expected matchup. Stephen Lawson, a veteran Republican strategist, said swing voters’ reaction to Abrams’ “leftward lurch,” along with backlash to the Biden administration, will determine how 2022 unfolds.

Said Lawson, “Never underestimate the unifying power Stacey Abrams can bring to Republicans in Georgia.”

I suppose once of these days, these two rumored candidates will make up their minds and let us know their intentions.

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