You Can’t Sit on Your Bottom while Krispy Kreme Burns

Violent crime has been escalating in Atlanta for months now. We have seen Shaquille O’Neal’s beloved Krispy Kreme location burned down twice now. We have heard how there is a bullet hole in the side of Buckhead Church. Uber Drivers are speaking in hushed tones to one another about violating company policy and keeping their firearms in their own cars during shifts.

And now, after 15 years in the Lindbergh area of Atlanta, Taco Mac, the patron saints of draft beer and decent wings, have decided to close citing safety for their employees. In their own words:

How many more livelihoods have to be impacted before the Mayor of Atlanta gets off her bottom and does something about this? Or worse, how many people have to be injured or are killed and become victims of violent crimes? How much longer must this go on?

I know the Mayor has escaped accountability at the ballot box by choosing to not run for reelection, but until she is out of office, she has a job to do and she clearly isn’t doing it.

Do your job, Mayor. Peoples’ lives and livelihoods are at stake.

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