Day Four of Qualifying for State Legislature

Qualifying will end tomorrow at noon. We will have a final count of how many general and primary elections we have at that time.

Also, we will play a special game called, “Spot the Convicted Criminal,” as apparently there is more than one on this list. If you know of one, drop us an email, and you could be entered in a drawing to win a shout out on an episode of the Peach Pundit Podcast.

All Races
SD  1:                                    Republicans [BEN WATSON (I), ]  
SD  2:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [CLINTON YOUNG, ]  Democrats [DEREK MALLOW, ORLANDO SCOTT, ]  
SD  3: GOP Primary                        Republicans [NORA LOTT HAYNES, MIKE HODGES, JEFF JONES, ]  
SD  4:                                    Republicans [BILLY HICKMAN (I), ]  
SD  5:                                    Democrats [SHEIKH RAHMAN (I), ]  
SD  6: GOP Primary  Dem Primary  General  Republicans [FRED GLASS, ANGELIC MOORE, ]  Democrats [JASON ESTEVES, LUISA WAKEMAN, ]  
SD  7: GOP Primary  Dem Primary  General  Republicans [JOSH MCKAY, BILL SANDMAN, ]  Democrats [NABILAH ISLAM, BETH MOORE, ]  
SD  8:                                    Republicans [RUSS GOODMAN (I), ]  
SD  9:                                    Democrats [NIKKI MERRITT (I), ]  
SD 10:              Dem Primary           Democrats [BRUCE B. HOLMES, EMANUEL D JONES (I), ]  
SD 11:                                    Republicans [DEAN BURKE (I), ]  
SD 12:                                    Democrats [FREDDIE POWELL SIMS (I), ]  
SD 13: GOP Primary                        Republicans [ED PERRY, CARDEN H. SUMMERS (I), GEORGE WOODS, ]  
SD 14:                           General  Republicans [LIZ HAUSMANN, ]  Democrats [JOSH MCLAURIN, ]  
SD 15:                                    Democrats [ED HARBISON (I), ]  
SD 16:                           General  Republicans [MARTY HARBIN (I), ]  Democrats [PINGKE DUBIGNON, ]  
SD 17: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [BRETT MAULDIN, RYAN C. MILLSAP, BRIAN STRICKLAND (I), ]  Democrats [KACY D. MORGAN, ]  
SD 18: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [JOHN F. KENNEDY (I), DIANE S. VANN, ]  Democrats [CHRIS BENTON, ]  
SD 19:                           General  Republicans [BLAKE TILLERY (I), ]  Democrats [MICHAEL "BUCKLE" MOORE, ]  
SD 20:                                    Republicans [LARRY WALKER (I), ]  
SD 21:                                    Republicans [BRANDON BEACH (I), ]  
SD 22:                                    Democrats [HAROLD V. JONES II (I), ]  
SD 23:                                    Republicans [MAX BURNS (I), ]  
SD 24:                                    Republicans [LEE ANDERSON (I), ]  
SD 26:                                    Democrats [DAVID E. LUCAS SR (I), ]  
SD 27:                           General  Republicans [GREG DOLEZAL (I), ]  Democrats [BRENT BINION, ]  
SD 28:                                    Republicans [MATT BRASS (I), ]  
SD 29:                           General  Republicans [RANDY ROBERTSON (I), ]  Democrats [ELLEN WRIGHT, ]  
SD 30:                                    Republicans [MIKE DUGAN (I), ]  
SD 31:                                    Republicans [JASON ANAVITARTE (I), ]  
SD 32: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [KAY KIRKPATRICK (I), ANDY SOHA, ]  Democrats [SYLVIA L. BENNETT, ]  
SD 33:              Dem Primary           Democrats [EURIEL I. HEMMERLY, MICHAEL DOC RHETT (I), ]  
SD 34:                           General  Republicans [THOMAS (TOMMY) SMITH, ]  Democrats [VALENCIA M. SEAY (I), ]  
SD 35:              Dem Primary           Democrats [LULA GILLIAM, MIKE GLANTON JR, DONZELLA JAMES (I), WHITNEY KENNER JONES, ]  
SD 36:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [BRIAN HUEFNER, ]  Democrats [NAN ORROCK (I), ASA SMITH, CHASE STELL, ]  
SD 37: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [DAVID DELK, SCOTT JOHNSON, ED SETZLER, ]  Democrats [TITUS NICHOLS, ]  
SD 38:              Dem Primary           Democrats [MELODY BRAY, MICHAEL CARSON, ADAM PETTY, HORACENA TATE (I), ]  
SD 39:                                    Democrats [SONYA HALPERN (I), ]  
SD 40:                           General  Republicans [AUSTIN MCDONALD, ]  Democrats [SALLY HARRELL (I), ]  
SD 41:                           General  Republicans [JAYRE JONES, ]  Democrats [KIM JACKSON (I), ]  
SD 42:                                    Democrats [ELENA PARENT (I), ]  
SD 43:              Dem Primary           Democrats [TONYA P. ANDERSON (I), JOE N. LESTER, ]  
SD 44:              Dem Primary           Democrats [GAIL DAVENPORT (I), ROBERT FLOURNOY JR, ]  
SD 45:                                    Republicans [CLINT DIXON (I), ]  
SD 46:                           General  Republicans [BILL COWSERT (I), ]  Democrats [ANDREW FERGUSON, ]  
SD 47: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [CHARLIE CHASE, FRANK GINN (I), ROSS HARVIN, ]  Democrats [CONOLUS SCOTT JR., ]  
SD 48: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [KEVIN GRINDLAY, SHAWN STILL, ]  Democrats [JOSH UDDIN, ]  
SD 49: GOP Primary                        Republicans [SHELLY ECHOLS, SCOTT GIBBS, RICHARD STRAUT, ]  
SD 50:                           General  Republicans [BO HATCHETT (I), ]  Democrats [PAULETTE WILLIAMS, ]  
SD 51:                                    Republicans [STEVE GOOCH (I), ]  
SD 52: GOP Primary                        Republicans [CHUCK HUFSTETLER (I), DEREK KEENEY, JEFF LEWIS, ]  
SD 53: GOP Primary                        Republicans [STEVEN M HENRY, COLTON MOORE, ]  
SD 54: GOP Primary                        Republicans [DOUG KEENER, CHUCK PAYNE (I), ]  
SD 55:                                    Democrats [GLORIA S. BUTLER (I), ]  
SD 56:                           General  Republicans [JOHN ALBERS (I), ]  Democrats [PATRICK THOMPSON, ]  
HD  1:                                    Republicans [MIKE CAMERON (I), ]  
HD  2:                                    Republicans [STEVE TARVIN (I), ]  
HD  3: GOP Primary                        Republicans [MITCHELL  HORNER, DARRELL WELDON SR, ]  
HD  4: GOP Primary                        Republicans [KASEY CARPENTER (I), NICK VOYLES, ]  
HD  5:                                    Republicans [MATT BARTON (I), ]  
HD  6: GOP Primary                        Republicans [LEE COKER, JASON T. RIDLEY (I), ]  
HD  7:                                    Republicans [DAVID RALSTON (I), ]  
HD  8:                                    Republicans [STAN GUNTER (I), ]  
HD  9: GOP Primary                        Republicans [TYLER TOLIN, WILL WADE (I), ]  
HD 10:                                    Republicans [VICTOR E. ANDERSON (I), ]  
HD 11:                           General  Republicans [RICK JASPERSE (I), ]  Democrats [KAYLA L. HOLLIFIELD, ]  
HD 12: GOP Primary                        Republicans [EDDIE LUMSDEN (I), ROBERT WATSON, ]  
HD 13: GOP Primary                        Republicans [KATIE DEMPSEY (I), LUKE MARTIN, ]  
HD 14:                                    Republicans [MITCHELL SCOGGINS (I), ]  
HD 15:                                    Republicans [MATTHEW GAMBILL (I), ]  
HD 16: GOP Primary                        Republicans [TREY KELLEY (I), SCOTT RICHARDS, ]  
HD 17: GOP Primary                        Republicans [MARTIN MOMTAHAN (I), NEIL WOLIN, ]  
HD 18:                                    Republicans [TYLER PAUL SMITH (I), ]  
HD 19:                           General  Republicans [JOSEPH GULLETT (I), ]  Democrats [R.J. COYLE, ]  
HD 20: GOP Primary                        Republicans [CHARLICE BYRD (I), STU HIXON, LYNNE SAUNDERS, ]  
HD 21:                                    Republicans [BRAD THOMAS (I), ]  
HD 22: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [DONNA KOSICKI, JORDAN RIDLEY, ]  Democrats [STACEE LASHONE HILL, ]  
HD 23:                                    Republicans [MANDI L BALLINGER (I), ]  
HD 24: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [CARTER BARRETT, SHERI SMALLWOOD GILLIGAN (I), ED SOLLY, ]  Democrats [SYDNEY WALKER, ]  
HD 25:                           General  Republicans [TODD JONES (I), ]  Democrats [CRAIG J. MEYER, ]  
HD 26:                           General  Republicans [LAUREN W. MCDONALD III (I), ]  Democrats [MATTHEW J. HELMS, ]  
HD 27:                                    Republicans [LEE HAWKINS (I), ]  
HD 29:                           General  Republicans [MATT DUBNIK (I), ]  Democrats [DEVIN PANDY, ]  
HD 30: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [DERRICK MCCOLLUM, WHITNEY PIMENTEL, BARRY SANDERS, ]  Democrats [KIM FLORIA, ]  
HD 31:                                    Republicans [DON CLERICI, ]  
HD 32:                                    Republicans [CHRIS ERWIN (I), ]  
HD 33: GOP Primary                        Republicans [ALAN POWELL (I), DYLAN PURCELL, ]  
HD 34:                           General  Republicans [DEVAN SEABAUGH (I), ]  Democrats [DOROTHY COKER, ]  
HD 35:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [ROBERT TRIM, ]  Democrats [LISA CAMPBELL, NICK MILLER, KYLE RINAUDO, ]  
HD 36:                                    Republicans [GINNY EHRHART (I), ]  
HD 37:                                    Democrats [MARY FRANCES WILLIAMS (I), ]  
HD 38:                                    Democrats [DAVID WILKERSON (I), ]  
HD 40:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [FUN FONG, ]  Democrats [THOMAS CASEZ, DOUG STONER, ]  
HD 41:                                    Democrats [MICHAEL SMITH (I), ]  
HD 42:                                    Democrats [TERI ANULEWICZ (I), ]  
HD 43:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [ANNA J. TILLMAN, ]  Democrats [SOLOMON ADESANYA, BENJAMIN STAHL, ]  
HD 44:                           General  Republicans [DON L. PARSONS (I), ]  Democrats [WILLIE MAE OYOGOA, ]  
HD 45: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [SHARON COOPER (I), CARMINTHIA MOORE, ]  Democrats [DUSTIN MCCORMICK, ]  
HD 46:                           General  Republicans [JOHN CARSON (I), ]  Democrats [MICHEAL GARZA, ]  
HD 47:                                    Republicans [JAN JONES (I), ]  
HD 48:                           General  Republicans [SCOTT HILTON, ]  Democrats [MARY ROBICHAUX (I), ]  
HD 49: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [MICHAEL GORDON, CHARLES E. "CHUCK" MARTIN (I), ]  Democrats [PEGGY GILLEN, ]  
HD 50: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [BETSY KRAMER, NARENDER REDDY, JILL TRAMMELL, ]  Democrats [MICHELLE AU, ]  
HD 51:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [PETER KORMAN, ]  Democrats [ERENDIRA BRUMLEY, ESTHER PANITCH, ]  
HD 52:                           General  Republicans [WENDY  AHRENKIEL, ]  Democrats [SHEA ROBERTS (I), ]  
HD 53:                           General  Republicans [DEBORAH SILCOX, ]  Democrats [KELLY COFFMAN, ]  
HD 54:                           General  Republicans [JOHN BAILEY, ]  Democrats [BETSY HOLLAND (I), ]  
HD 55:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [SAMUEL S LENAEUS, ]  Democrats [NATE GREEN, MARIE ROBINSON METZE (I), ]  
HD 56:              Dem Primary           Democrats [WILL CHANDLER, KEONA JONES, MESHA MAINOR (I), ]  
HD 57:                                    Democrats [STACEY EVANS (I), ]  
HD 58:              Dem Primary           Democrats [PARK ELIZABETH CANNON (I), BRANDON TONGE, ]  
HD 59:                                    Democrats [PHIL OLALEYE, ]  
HD 60:              Dem Primary           Democrats [SHEILA JONES (I), STEVEN D. LEE, ]  
HD 61:              Dem Primary           Democrats [ROGER BRUCE (I), ROBERT DAWSON, RASHAUN KEMP, MONIQUE MCCOY, ]  
HD 62:                                    Democrats [TANYA F. MILLER, ]  
HD 63:                                    Democrats [KIM SCHOFIELD (I), ]  
HD 65:                                    Democrats [MANDISHA A. THOMAS, ]  
HD 66:                                    Democrats [KIMBERLY ALEXANDER (I), ]  
HD 67:                           General  Republicans [MARZIYEH MARZI AMIRIZADEH, ]  Democrats [LYDIA GLAIZE, ]  
HD 68:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [STONEY MATHIS, ]  Democrats [TISH NAGHISE, JANE WILLIAMS, ]  
HD 69:              Dem Primary           Democrats [DEBRA BAZEMORE (I), COBIE LYRIX BROWN, ]  
HD 70: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [ANGEL NUNEZ, LYNN SMITH (I), ]  Democrats [CALVIN LOUIS ANDERSON JR, ]  
HD 71:                           General  Republicans [J. COLLINS (I), ]  Democrats [AFOMA EGUH OKAFOR, ]  
HD 72:                                    Republicans [DAVID HUDDLESTON, ]  
HD 73:                                    Republicans [JOSH BONNER (I), ]  
HD 74: GOP Primary  Dem Primary  General  Republicans [DAVID BALLARD, KAREN MATHIAK (I), ]  Democrats [WILLIAM HARRIS, ERROL MITCHELL, ]  
HD 75:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [DELLA ASHLEY, ]  Democrats [HERMAN "DREW" ANDREWS, MIKE GLANTON (I), ]  
HD 76:                                    Democrats [SANDRA GIVENS SCOTT (I), ]  
HD 77:                                    Democrats [RHONDA BURNOUGH (I), ]  
HD 78:              Dem Primary           Democrats [DEMETRIUS DOUGLAS (I), ATTANIA JEAN-FUNNY, ]  
HD 79:                                    Democrats [YASMIN NEAL (I), ]  
HD 80:                           General  Republicans [BRIAN ANDERSON, ]  Democrats [LONG TRAN, ]  
HD 81:                           General  Republicans [MARY WILLIAMS BENEFIELD, ]  Democrats [SCOTT HOLCOMB (I), ]  
HD 82:                           General  Republicans [JENINE MILUM, ]  Democrats [MARY MARGARET OLIVER (I), ]  
HD 83:                           General  Republicans [CATHERINE BERNARD, ]  Democrats [KAREN LUPTON, ]  
HD 84:                                    Democrats [OMARI CRAWFORD, ]  
HD 85:              Dem Primary           Democrats [KARLA DRENNER (I), JOSCELYN C. ONEIL, ]  
HD 86:              Dem Primary           Democrats [JACQUELINE ADAMS, IMANI BARNES, MARVIS MCDANIEL IVEY, ]  
HD 87:                                    Democrats [VIOLA DAVIS (I), ]  
HD 88:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [WILLIAM PARK FREEMAN, ]  Democrats [BILLY MITCHELL (I), GABRIELLE ROGERS, ]  
HD 89:                           General  Republicans [RICK SHEPPARD, ]  Democrats [BECKY EVANS (I), ]  
HD 91:              Dem Primary           Democrats [ANGELA MOORE (I), GREG SHEALEY, ]  
HD 92:              Dem Primary           Democrats [DEMOINE KINNEY, RHONDA S. TAYLOR (I), ]  
HD 93:              Dem Primary           Democrats [DOREEN CARTER (I), LAKLIESHIA IZZARD, ]  
HD 94:                                    Democrats [KAREN BENNETT (I), ]  
HD 95:                           General  Republicans [DEXTER DAWSTON, ]  Democrats [DAR'SHUN KENDRICK (I), ]  
HD 96:                           General  Republicans [DAELEN LOWRY, ]  Democrats [PEDRO "PETE" MARIN (I), ]  
HD 97:              Dem Primary           Democrats [RUWA ROMMAN, JT WU, ]  
HD 98:                                    Democrats [MARVIN LIM (I), ]  
HD 99:                           General  Republicans [MATT REEVES, ]  Democrats [OM DUGGAL, ]  
HD100: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [DAVID CLARK (I), BONNIE RICH (I), ]  Democrats [LOUISA SHELL JACKSON, ]  
HD101:                           General  Republicans [ZACH PROCTER, ]  Democrats [GREGG KENNARD (I), ]  
HD102:                           General  Republicans [WESLEY S. HARDING, ]  Democrats [GABE OKOYE, ]  
HD103:                           General  Republicans [SOO HONG, ]  Democrats [ERNIE ANAYA, ]  
HD104:                                    Republicans [CHUCK EFSTRATION (I), ]  
HD105:                           General  Republicans [AREFEEN CHOWDHURY, ]  Democrats [FAROOQ MUGHAL, ]  
HD106:              Dem Primary           Democrats [SHELLY HUTCHINSON (I), REBECCA MITCHELL (I), ]  
HD107:                           General  Republicans [HAI CAO, ]  Democrats [SAM PARK (I), ]  
HD108:                           General  Republicans [JOHNNY CRIST, ]  Democrats [JASMINE CLARK (I), ]  
HD109:                                    Democrats [DEWEY L. MCCLAIN (I), ]  
HD110:                                    Democrats [SEGUN ADEYINA, ]  
HD111:                                    Republicans [REYNALDO "REY" MARTINEZ, ]  
HD112:                           General  Republicans [BRUCE WILLIAMSON (I), ]  Democrats [DEBBIE REED, ]  
HD113:              Dem Primary           Democrats [BILLIE BOYD-COX, SHARON HENDERSON (I), ]  
HD114: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [TIM FLEMING, WENDELL D. MCNEAL, ]  Democrats [MALCOLM ADAMS, ]  
HD115:                                    Democrats [REGINA LEWIS-WARD (I), ]  
HD116:                                    Democrats [EL-MAHDI HOLLY (I), ]  
HD117: GOP Primary                        Republicans [CLAYTON CARTE, LAUREN DANIEL, NOELLE KAHAIAN, ]  
HD118:                           General  Republicans [CLINT CROWE (I), ]  Democrats [SHARONDA BELL, ]  
HD119: GOP Primary                        Republicans [DANNY RAMPEY, MARCUS RAY, ]  
HD120:                           General  Republicans [HOUSTON GAINES (I), ]  Democrats [MOKAH JASMINE JOHNSON, ]  
HD121:                           General  Republicans [MARCUS A WIEDOWER (I), ]  Democrats [JEFF AUERBACH, ]  
HD122:                                    Democrats [SPENCER FRYE (I), ]  
HD123:                                    Republicans [ROB LEVERETT (I), ]  
HD124:                           General  Republicans [TREY RHODES (I), ]  Democrats [KAT HOWKINS, ]  
HD125:                                    Republicans [BARRY FLEMING (I), ]  
HD126:                           General  Republicans [WILLIAM C HARRIS, ]  Democrats [GLORIA FRAZIER (I), ]  
HD127:                                    Republicans [MARK NEWTON (I), ]  
HD128:                                    Democrats [MACK JACKSON (I), ]  
HD129:                                    Democrats [HENRY "WAYNE" HOWARD (I), ]  
HD130:                           General  Republicans [DAN SWENSON, ]  Democrats [LYNN GLADNEY, ]  
HD131:                                    Republicans [JODI LOTT (I), ]  
HD132:              Dem Primary           Democrats [TRACI "ACREE" GEORGE, BRIAN L. PRINCE (I), ]  
HD133:                                    Republicans [KENNETH VANCE, ]  
HD134:                           General  Republicans [DAVID KNIGHT (I), ]  Democrats [ANTHONY DICKSON, ]  
HD135: GOP Primary                        Republicans [DAN BRUE, BETH CAMP (I), ]  
HD136: GOP Primary                        Republicans [DAVID JENKINS (I), KENNETH MURPHY, ]  
HD137:                           General  Republicans [JUSTIN RICKETT, ]  Democrats [DEBBIE G. BUCKNER (I), ]  
HD138:                                    Republicans [VANCE SMITH JR (I), ]  
HD139:                                    Republicans [RICHARD H. SMITH (I), ]  
HD141:                                    Democrats [CAROLYN HUGLEY (I), ]  
HD142:                                    Democrats [MIRIAM PARIS (I), ]  
HD143:                                    Democrats [JAMES BEVERLY (I), ]  
HD144: GOP Primary               General  Republicans [JAYSON STONNE, DALE WASHBURN (I), ]  Democrats [NETTIE B. CONNER, ]  
HD145:                                    Republicans [ROBERT DICKEY (I), ]  
HD146:                           General  Republicans [SHAW BLACKMON (I), ]  Democrats [COURTNEY L. DRIVER, ]  
HD147:                           General  Republicans [BETHANY BALLARD, ]  Democrats [ARIEL PHILLIPS, ]  
HD148:                                    Republicans [NOEL WILLIAMS JR (I), ]  
HD149: GOP Primary                        Republicans [DANNY MATHIS (I), ROBERT PRUITT (I), ]  
HD150:                                    Democrats [PATTY BENTLEY (I), ]  
HD151:                           General  Republicans [MIKE CHEOKAS (I), ]  Democrats [JOYCE BARLOW, ]  
HD152:                                    Republicans [BILL YEARTA (I), ]  
HD153:              Dem Primary  General  Republicans [TRACY TAYLOR, ]  Democrats [DEMETRIUS LOVE, DAVID SAMPSON, AL WYNN, ]  
HD154:                                    Republicans [GERALD E. GREENE (I), ]  
HD155:                                    Republicans [MATT HATCHETT (I), ]  
HD156:                                    Republicans [LEESA HAGAN (I), ]  
HD157:                                    Republicans [WILLIAM "BILL" WERKHEISER (I), ]  
HD158:                           General  Republicans [BUTCH PARRISH (I), ]  Democrats [MADELINE RYAN SMITH, ]  
HD159:                                    Republicans [JON G. BURNS (I), ]  
HD160:                                    Republicans [LEHMAN  FRANKLIN, ]  
HD161:                           General  Republicans [BILL HITCHENS (I), ]  Democrats [MARGO BARBEE, ]  
HD162:                                    Democrats [CARL WAYNE GILLIARD (I), ]  
HD163:              Dem Primary           Democrats [WESLYN "MAHOGANY" BOWERS, ANNE ALLEN WESTBROOK, ]  
HD164:                           General  Republicans [RON STEPHENS (I), ]  Democrats [FREDRICK PRAYLO, ]  
HD165:                                    Democrats [EDNA JACKSON, ]  
HD166:                                    Republicans [JESSE PETREA (I), ]  
HD167:                                    Republicans [BUDDY DELOACH (I), ]  
HD168:              Dem Primary           Democrats [MICAH SMITH, AL WILLIAMS (I), ]  
HD169:                           General  Republicans [CLAY PIRKLE (I), ]  Democrats [MICKEY BROCKINGTON, ]  
HD170:                                    Republicans [PENNY HOUSTON (I), ]  
HD171:                                    Republicans [JOE CAMPBELL (I), ]  
HD172:                                    Republicans [SAM WATSON (I), ]  
HD173:                                    Republicans [DARLENE TAYLOR (I), ]  
HD174:                                    Republicans [JOHN L. CORBETT (I), ]  
HD175: GOP Primary                        Republicans [BILL BLANCHARD, JOHN LAHOOD (I), ]  
HD176:                                    Republicans [JAMES BURCHETT (I), ]  
HD177:                                    Democrats [DEXTER L. SHARPER (I), ]  
HD178: GOP Primary                        Republicans [CASON CARBAUGH, STEVEN MEEKS (I), ]  
HD179: GOP Primary                        Republicans [BOB DUNCAN, RICK  TOWNSEND, ]  
HD180: GOP Primary                        Republicans [STEVEN SAINZ (I), CODY SMITH, ] 

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