Peach Pundit Podcast: Qualifying Ends and Baseball is Back (and other stuff too)!

Jason, Scot, and Buzz convened a special Friday edition of the Peach Pundit Podcast, moments after the doors were shut on the qualifying to run for office. We bring you the first reaction to some of the important races that will be on the ballot in May and in November.

  • Kemp vs. Perdue is officially on. We observe the difference in energy between their qualifying events. We also talk about the  latest polling on that race which shows Kemp at 50%       
  • She Who Shall Not Be Named made some interesting stock deals recently.
  • Senate Rules Chairman Jeff Mullis is not seeking reelection.
  • Herschel won’t debate…his fellow Republicans.
  • House Speaker Ralston made two rare appearances in The Well speaking to a mental health bill he supports, and a resolution supporting Ukraine in the wake of the invasion by Russia.
  • Lactation consultants get a win in Court.
  • The so-called “Don’t Say Gay” comes to Georgia, but isn’t going anywhere this year.

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