Peach Pundit Podcast: Our Interview With MTG Challenger Jennifer Strahan, Trump’s Rally, Mental Health Parity Act Passes, GAGOP Silent On Good Legislation.

Jason, Scot, and Buzz are back with comments and observations about the crazy world of Georgia politics.

On the episode this week:

  • Our special guest this week is Jennifer Strahan. Strahan is challenging She Who Must Not Be Named for the GOP nomination in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.
  • The Georgia House and Senate strike a deal on HB 1013, Speaker Ralston’s Mental Health Parity Act.
  • Trump draws smaller than normal crowd for David Perdue and the “Trump Slate” of Republican candidates.
  • Perdue smiles and gives thumbs up to chants of “lock him up” at the aforementioned Trump rally.
  • Trump begins the process of talking down a Perdue loss in an interview on the One American Network.
  • Kemp signs a bill to allow for opting out of masks and other items empowering parents.
  • The GAGOP isn’t celebrating GOP wins such as the income tax cut. Why not?
  • Capping Georgia’s generous film tax credit? The State Senate floats out a proposal to do so.

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