Peach Pundit Podcast With Special Guest Senate Candidate Latham Saddler

Jason was absent (stuck in the DC swamp) but Scot, and Buzz held down the fort and have plenty to say about the week’s political news.

On the episode this week:

  1. We were joined by GOP Senate candidate Latham Saddler.
  2. Newt Gingrich endorsed Vernon Jones in the 10th district Congressional race then remembered he had already endorsed Mike Collins.
  3. State Representative Calvin Smyre has been nominated by President Biden as the Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. His farewell speech on Sine Die was almost as long as his tenure in the House.
  4. Stacey Abrams, broke and in debt during her last campaign, has become a millionaire proving that the American economy is a powerful thing!
  5. Trump continues to hedge his bets with more public comments about Perdue losing to Kemp. There’s also new polling in this race.
  6. A bill giving the GBI original jurisdiction in election fraud cases is the only election bill to see final passage this year.
  7. The “Protect Women’s Sports” bill passes as an attachment to the “divisive concepts” bill.
  8. A Group sings “thank you for being a friend” to Speaker Ralston for his Mental Health Parity Act.

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One Reply to “Peach Pundit Podcast With Special Guest Senate Candidate Latham Saddler”

  1. I know Scot is just playing the good Republican role with his statement that Herschel can earn his vote since he is the apparent nominee short of accusations of wife beating or the like… oh wait, never mind. He has more skeletons in his closet than a med school lab such as claims that he graduated from UGA in the top 1% of his class (still on his website until last December even though he didn’t even return to UGA to complete his degree, much less…), or his multiple personality issues, stupid statements like “Why are there still apes?”, etc. The guy carried a football forty years ago. It is his sole claim to fame. This in no way qualifies him to be a US Senator. Period.

    Even if the Emerson poll is slanted I fully understand the political advantage of name recognition, but this is feels like I woke up in an Idiocracy. He is no more senatorial than Terry Crews was presidential, or for that matter his mentor who was an embarrassment to the office of President.

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