Peach Pundit Podcast With Special Guest Butch Miller

We’re at full strength this week and as usual, have plenty to say about the latest in Georgia politics. We’re joined this week by Senate President Pro Tem Butch Miller. Miller is one of the candidates for the Republicans nomination for Lieutenant Governor.

Other topics include:

  • David Perdue claims the Georgia State Patrol aren’t “elite.” Many object to the characterization.
  • Constitutional Carry signed into law.
  • Pro-Kemp PAC releases polling which has Kemp up 11, similar to other polls.
  • Kemp tangles with “stolen election” activists, informs them he’s not a Dictator.
  • Fallout from Herschel Walker missing first GOP U.S. Senate debate.
  • Raffensperger calls for investigations into non citizens trying to register to vote 
  • Fair Fight Action Lawsuit (finally) moves on to trial

FYI: We’ve had candidates join us the last three weeks. We have reached out to other statewide candidates who will join us soon. If you represent a candidate for statewide office who would like to join us, reach out to me and we’ll get your candidate booked. My email is buzzbrockway-at-gmail-dot-com.

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