Trump Calls Russia’s War a Genocide, MTG Blames Ukraine for Putin’s Aggression

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) has become one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Kremlin. She might dispute that characterization, but her strange comments criticizing Ukraine, as well as the United States for essentially inviting the war that Russia started in late February, have been aired on Russian state TV.

Greene voted against banning Russian oil importsinvestigating Russian war crimes, supporting NATO, and suspending trade relations with Russia and Belarus. Although she did vote against the aid package for Ukraine since it was attached to the omnibus spending bill, The process on that bill was horrible and the funding could have been separated from the larger spending package. 

Greene has said that she opposes the war in Ukraine, but she has also said the “US must demand [Ukrainian President Volodmyr] Zelensky stop his military from torturing his own people.” While Greene has aimed her criticism at Ukraine, former President Trump is following President Biden’s lead. In an interview on Fox News, Trump called what’s happening in Ukraine a “genocide.” 

Greene’s primary opponent, Jennifer Strahan, shares Trump’s view. “I agree with President Trump’s assessment. It is a genocide,” said Strahan. “Meanwhile, our current congresswoman’s statements are being used as justification for the actions of Russia. It’s time for new leadership.”

Does Greene share Trump and Strahan’s opinion that Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine or will she preposterously continue to blame Ukraine and the United States for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s war?

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