Some Personal News

While we here at Peach Pundit mix humor with the serious and find the whole show that is #GAPOL to be highly entertaining, we cannot ignore our real lives. Just as this blog has evolved over the years, so have we. As individuals we have taken greater roles in our state and communities, and then stepped back into the role of regular Joe. Opiniated regular Joes, but still regular Joes.

Our hallowed pages have seen many come, then go, and come back around again. That was the case with our most recent editor-in-chief, Jason Pye. Pye had a vision to resurrect Peach Pundit, add a podcast, and keep the flame alive. Without him, the current iteration of Peach Pundit would not exist.

However, like Newt Gingrich, Jason has decided to migrate to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and as Tamar Hallerman once erroneously claimed, he is in fact now a former Georgian. That doesn’t mean he is going anywhere on our virtual pages, however, because he is transitioning to Peach Pundit’s Washington Bureau as our first DC Chief. Afterall, we do have Georgians serving us in DC and there are few more qualified to tell us what they are doing up there than Pye.

That left the editor-in chief role open. I was informed by Pye that I now have that infamous title when he greeted me on the phone by telling me that I was now the editor-in-chief. I told him there was no need for name calling, that we are friends, and he should start acting that way, but he was insistent.

And so now I accept the stewardship of this illustrious political blog recognizing those who came before me and have made it a quality source for insider news about all things #GAPOL. There is a certain weight that comes with that, a sense of responsibility, that I do not take lightly. But I promise that we will continue to never lose our sense of humor and bring you the style of commentary that you have come to rely on in order to know what’s happening in our great state.

Pray for me, y’all. Pray for me.

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