The Grifter With No Name

Per an invite from the Honorable Former State Representative Turned Lobbyist Promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Peach Pundit, the former home for most of the occasional writers at GeorgiaPol, here I am – The Grifter with No Name.

If you are a cinema aficionado, then you know this is a not even close to subtle reference to the antihero Man with No Name (or “Joe” or “Blondie” or, for Italian friends, “il Monco”). When asked by the Editor to come write, that was the role I wanted to play – antihero. Hero to some, enemy to others, one with a clear moral code, and an amoebic definition to all of the above.

You see, there are some that just need to hear some disagreements with their nonsense from time to time. Since I grift well, I have time to kill because I’m loaded with fat stacks. Because I have no name, you don’t know where I’m coming from. The most you can know is that I’m here in Georgia with the lot of you sad sacks. Each week, I’ll try to offer some concise analysis on what’s happened over the past few days and hope y’all have some good feedback.

There’s not much to it beyond that. Brian Kemp is there, Stacey Abrams there, I’m right smack in the middle. Crazy lobbyists are right.

There’s money to be made in these parts.

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