MTG Continues to Run Troubling Far-Right Facebook Group

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to serve as the “Admin & moderator” of a far-right Facebook group known for posting Holocaust-minimizing content. Moreover, Greene boasts of her role with the group in her official House biography, where she goes far beyond describing herself as merely an “admin” or “moderator,” but rather as “National Director” of the group, Family America Project.

The group, Family America Project, which appears not to be registered as any kind of nonprofit or even constituted as an organized entity such as an LLC or corporation, also has a flair for aligning with Vladimir Putin on matters relevant to Ukraine.

It is worth noting that while the group has taken this stance, and Greene has blamed Ukraine for the war, former President Trump has, to his credit, described what is happening in Ukraine as “genocide.”

Here are some of the Holocaust-minimizing posts on the page:

1) This post from just a couple of months ago suggests a parallel between anti-religion measures in Nazi-controlled territory and US policy today.

2) This post from last year discusses supposed “parallels between what happened in Nazi Germany and what’s happening in our society today.”

3) This post from 2020 links to a now-removed YouTube video and compares the World Health Organization and the medical profession to Nazis.

4) This post from 2019 accuses California of pursuing “forced internment,” a policy Nazis pursued.

5) This post from 2018 refers to a man named “Robert ‘Naui’ Hernandez” as “NAZI Huitzilopochtli” and claims that “The Brown Supremacy movement, which includes the founders of Chicano Park, is a NAZI movement.” It also refers to “these Brown Supremacists talk[ing] about rounding up white people and putting them into camps to ‘re-educate’ them.”

Here are some of the posts echoing Putin regime talking points surrounding the war, or otherwise taking an anti-Ukraine tone.

1) This post echoes Russian talking points about Ukrainians being Nazis, and the Ukrainian regime being as or nearly as flawed as Putin’s.

2) This post echoes the Russian talking point that much of what Americans are seeing of the Ukraine war is “fake” because of misrepresentations of footage actually from Lebanon as having come from Ukraine by obscure and non-mainstream media outlets.

3) This post redirects to the notorious Lara Logan interview in which she doubted that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was going badly for Vladimir Putin (despite ample evidence to the contrary), tied Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a Jew and former comedian, to the occult, and implied that Nazis had taken over the Ukrainian military.

Comments made by Logan during that interview were subsequently endorsed by Russian officials.

Greene was called out in early 2021 for moderating this Facebook group. It appears that since that piece was posted, Greene has resumed her work as “National Director” of the group, given the content of her official House biography. The piece noted that the group has previously been busted posting “memes promoting the slogan ‘Day of the Rope’—a reference to the mass hangings of ‘race traitors’ fantasized in the white supremacist novel, The Turner Diaries.”

In June 2021, Greene apologized for comparing things that were not the Holocaust to the Holocaust. However, as her House biography and the “Admins & moderators” detail of the Family America Project Facebook page make clear, that has not stopped her from bragging about her association with a group that continues to dabble in inappropriate and offensive Holocaust comparisons that minimize the Holocaust and other horrific actions taken by the Nazis.

Nor has it prevented her from associating with a group that obviously aligns much more with Vladimir Putin than Ukrainian freedom fighters, despite the fact that as noted, former President Trump has said that what Putin’s forces are doing in Ukraine constitutes “genocide.”

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