Peach Pundit Podcast for 5/18/22 with Guest Bruce Thompson

Buzz and I teamed up and were visited by State Senator and Labor Commissioner Candidate, Bruce Thompson.

And then we talked about the crazy and wild world of Georgia Politics, including:

  • How Primary Results in Pennsylvania and North Carolina may be a predictor for the Trump Slate in Georgia
  • Perdue is sputtering to the finish line in spite of Insider Advantage’s best efforts
  • Ducey and Christie stump for Kemp, with Mike Pence on the way
  • Gary Black won’t vote for Herschel
  • AJC Says 16k Dems have crossed over to vote GOP
  • WSB News provides the latest fodder for conspiracy theorists
  • How 2000 Mules is getting debunked
  • The Insanity of Senate District 52
  • And we make some predictions for Tuesday election results

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