MTG Misses Campaign Finance Deadline

In another sign that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene just isn’t up to the job of being a congresswoman, it emerged Thursday that she missed Monday night’s deadline to file her financial disclosures or request an extension, as required by law.

Taylor Greene critics had anticipated the news after she took a pounding on Twitter for publicly siding with Vladimir Putin over Russia-Ukraine but holding Lockheed Martin stock, which has been expected to benefit from the war through defense equipment sales. To some, this has smacked of a signal that MTG wants to play a Trump-style isolationist for the so-called “MAGA” base’s public consumption, while in reality, she’s as hawkish as Liz Cheney and looking to reap the financial upside of what Trump himself has called Putin-ordered “genocide.”

Greene may also be reluctant to disclose her stock holdings, even though failure to do so can carry a $50,000 fine, because she previously got busted for owning stock in COVID vaccine makers and thereby reaping financial benefits from vaccine mandates and other vaccine policies unpopular with her base.

We won’t know whether there’s a hypocrisy reason for MTG’s failure to file on time until she files the required paperwork, albeit late— and probably after her primary.  But given that records show she held on to Big Tech stocks and stocks like Disney well past when many conservatives were raising questions about those businesses’ friendliness to people like her diehard base, it’s reasonable to assume that she may not just be incompetent when it comes to doing her paperwork. She may also have little incentive to be transparent with Georgians.

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