Don’t Talk About the Baby Formula Shortage Anymore, MTG

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene faces her congressional primary next Tuesday, and in advance of that, she has been attacking over the subject of the baby formula shortage impacting parents nationwide. But a vote on Wednesday exposed Greene as a hypocrite on the subject as she voted to denied poor Georgians—and specifically the so-called “MAGA” base—access to formula at a time when a lack of supply is depriving babies of much-needed food.

On Wednesday evening, the “House has voted 413-9 to pass a bill ensuring that families in need can continue to buy baby formula with WIC benefits during a public health emergency.” Among the nine? Yep, you guessed it: Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Leftists like to claim that voting against WIC benefits is “racist,” but US Department of Agriculture data shows that WIC recipients are overwhelmingly poor and white—to the tune of 60 percent. Given that the MAGA base is overwhelmingly white and poor, this means Greene just voted to deprive her own base of access to baby formula—and less than a week after she made these well-publicized comments focused on the formula shortage:

“Food security is national security. And right now we have a food security crisis for the most vulnerable of Americans, the ones that we cherish the most and that’s our babies,” said Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“This is a crisis that should never be happening, and this is completely squarely on the shoulders of the Biden administration and the Democrats that are controlling our government,” Greene added.

MTG’s constituents should certainly be factoring this into their votes on Tuesday.

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