Post Convention Touchbase

You didn’t ask for it, but we still deliver. Some of the news from this weekend’s conventions. Have anything we’re missing from the weekend? You can always still provide me some juicy bits and we’ll update the thread. Remember: or comment on the thread on Facebook.

I’ll provide a deeper dive of what these results mean in the next few days. For now, I’ll try to reserve my commentary during the post-mai tai bender period I find myself in after this weekend.

You can also read Bluestein’s write up over at that “paper,” I suppose. Here are some of the highlights we were able to gather through the jabronis chiming in.

Cobb: We start in Cobb. Bluestein’s article above reports that former Chairman and one time GRA darling Jason Shepherd and a few others were challenged as delegates for state and district from the floor by the head of the nominations committee, He Who Shall Not Be Named. He was noted as being unsuccessful.

Not one to take the slight lying down, Shepherd (also a writer here at Peach Pundit) accused He Who Shall Not Be Named of a (potential) felony on my post about data privacy. 🫢

Fulton: Matthew Krull reported that the convention adjourned at about 6:15pm. If there’s one thing that Fulton does better than anyone, it’s mucking up what should be a simple election process in favor of long drawn out fights in which nobody knows wtf is actually happening. No word if the state government intends to take over the FCRP.

Cherokee: The Honorable Former State Representative Turned Lobbyist Promoted to Editor-in-Chief Before Becoming Owner of Peach Pundit said it. Not me. The convention last over 9 hours.

Dekalb: Our very own Lane Flynn reported a pretty uneventful affair. Except, he reported the true RINO in any room he enters, Vernon Jones, “blather[ing] to the assembled convention for nearly a half hour before business was conducted.” As an aside, the incumbent Chairman promotes her own holiday. Good thing she was re-elected! The holiday season would have been spoiled.

Houston: The Young Republicans decided to pick a fight with the current leadership of the county party and came up short. Bold move, Cotton…and very confusing. Our very own Bethany Ballard reported that she ran out of coffee despite being tasked with chairing the convention. Those scowls are legendary.

Gwinnett: Former next GAGOP 2nd Vice Chair Rich Carithers reported on Facebook that he was more upset about Cobb County than his own. I deduce Gwinnett was largely uneventful. That party has been in lean times for a good while, though.

Paulding: Reports indicate a few periods of waiting and disorganization, but nothing significant. From what I understand, this was actually a pretty tepid affair. Both candidates running for chairman praised (yes, praised) the other and said “I love you” to the delegates. Clearly, nobody really understands this is where people come to fight.

Bleckley: 8th District Chairman Chan Jones indicated on Facebook the convention ended at 10:27am because he wanted to remind you jabronis of how miserable your Saturday was. Rumored incoming Chairman Ron Daniels said it was 10:13am.

Chatham: Although not reported to us directly, James Hall has a good thread about Chatham County. James takes pride in being “reasonable,” so he’s crying in his $12 beer about the results. Chatham has been a target for GRA a while.

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