Long Time Cherokee County Republican Party Member Resigns with Epic Email

Long time pro-life activist and member of the Cherokee County Republican Party, Charles Jones, sent out an epic resignation letter to the entire membership of the party this evening. I first met Charles while I was in office and he was coming to the Gold Dome to advocate for due process policies.

While Grifter posted a whip around article that highlights my own take on Cherokee’s convention, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Our county party elected a chairman who had never attended a party function of any kind until Saturday’s convention. Ever.

One of the treasurer candidates said in her speech that a vote for her was a vote for election integrity, while her actual job will be to collect money at the door for monthly breakfasts… if anyone actually shows up anymore.

And they booted an octogenarian off the state and district delegate list who has been a Republican for the majority of her life in favor of someone who just got involved in the last 12 months. Never mind that supporters of the new “slate” of candidates started stacking chairs nearly two hours before the convention adjourned and forced us to stand for the latter part of the proceedings.

I can see why Mr. Jones doesn’t recognize the organization that we both were proudly members of. Only, I had a few conversations with old supporters who believe the election was stolen that affirmed my decision to remain involved. They needed to see someone they respected, they liked, that they have supported and know to be a clear thinker say the words, “we lost, it wasn’t stolen.”

I digress. Here is Mr. Jones’s email:


            After much prayer and after Mass yesterday, God has put it on my heart to resign as a member of the Cherokee County Chapter of the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA), formerly the Cherokee County Republican Party (CCRP), effective immediately.  I write this e-mail to explain why.  The Bible says: “Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.”  (Rev. 18:4)

            In a historical coincidence, on March 11, 1938. the Anschluss, or the Annexation, of the Federal Republic of Austria began.  New leadership was appointed, which immediately reduced that once noble nation to merely a subsidiary, or province, of the greater German Reich.  Austria no longer existed as a country at that point.  (Source:  Schuschnigg, Kurt von, The Brutal Takeover, Atheneum, 1971, p. 268)  That is also what happened to the Cherokee County Republican Party on March 11, 2023.  It became a wholly-owned subsidiary of a faction, the GRA.  I promised the Nominating Committee that I would continue to be involved in the CCRP even if I lost my election.  Since there is no more CCRP, I am free of that promise.  I did not promise to be involved in the GRA.  And in good conscience as a Christian, I cannot and will not  be part of the GRA, whose leadership cheers the death of another human being because that person didn’t agree with them on 100% of the issues (only about 90%). (Source: https://twitter.com/MayaTPrabhu/status/1616513771932946460  – this is who you subordinated this local party to.)

It is now my great pleasure to leave you with some words that it is about time you hear, though they may be hard to hear. 

  1. You should NEVER celebrate another person dying just because they don’t toe your line 100% of the time.  I don’t care if it’s a Republican, a Democrat, I don’t care if it’s AOC herself.  That will bring down severe judgment; it’s disrespect for human life and for the God in Whose image and likeness it is made.  The real Republican Party respects God and respects life
  1. The elections were not “stolen” – YOU JUST LOST.  Grow up.  Adults understand that losing is not pleasant, but that it happens to everyone, and we have to improve OURSELVES if we don’t want it to happen again.  You lost the Presidential election, you lost three straight U.S. Senate elections, in the 6th you lost the Congressional primary, and you lost the School Board elections here in Cherokee County (not exactly a bastion of liberalism).  There is no massive conspiracy at the Board of Elections.  There are no men in fedoras and black trench coats bringing in boxes of fake votes in the middle of the night.  The computers are not changing your votes.  Kandiss Taylor is not the real Governor of Georgia.  *YOU*  *JUST*  *LOST.*  You lost because your one-issue blinders do not resonate with the voters who live in the real world outside your echo chamber.  That’s why you HAD to have red and green sticks to tell people how to vote, instead of your ideas being good on their own. 
  1. You also lost these general elections because your entire affect is very sour, unfriendly and off-putting as you look down your noses on anyone who is not a member of your clique.  I received such a cold shoulder from most GRA people at the convention that my bottle of water became a slushie.  And you went after people like Sarah Yarbrough who have been valued institutions within this party for *d*e*c*a*d*e*s*.  At 80-some years old, Mrs. Yarbrough has forgotten more than the GRA knows about being a true Republican.
  1. Until you start connecting with people outside your faction, treating them as human beings and fellow Republicans, fellow Americans and fellow Christians, instead of treating them like your mortal enemies, praying for their deaths, and badmouthing them behind their backs (like Marcia Cox did with me), you will continue to lose general election after general election.  And of course you will continue to stamp your feet and cry “cheating!!!” like toddlers, or like the losing team that blames the referee because they lost the game.
  1. Meanwhile, I intend to work with serious, mature, electable candidates to bring the message of authentic, rational, God-loving and God-fearing conservatism to the voters, meet moderate and independent voters where they’re at, connect with them on a real-world level, and succeed in general elections.

Messrs. Chairman, Vice Chairman of Membership, and Precinct Chairman, please consider this my resignation under Article II(C)(3) of your Bylaws.  I have also publicized this e-mail through social media and other “memorialized public means” of repudiating my membership under Article II(C)(4).  Please update your records accordingly, including removing me from all distribution lists, fundraising lists, etc.  Thank you for your prompt attention.   

Cordially yours,

Charles A. Jones, Jr.

5 Replies to “Long Time Cherokee County Republican Party Member Resigns with Epic Email”

  1. Well, there was one righteous man in the Cherokee County party.

    Now that number is zero.

    Trump ruins everything. His supporters are human filth.

      1. I’m sorry. Trump supporters are awesome. The way they cost the GOP 3 senate seats in 2 years?


        Nominating a brain-dead illiterate who pays for abortions?

        Chef’s kiss.

  2. Thank you Rep Turner, you’re one of the really good guys! (And actually we met a little before that, remember, at the religious freedom event at my church! :))

    We’ve got a big job to do, locally and nationwide. We’ve got to EARN back the voters that have left us over the past few years. And we’re not going to earn them back sitting in our little echo chamber and crying about how mad we are over the 2020 election. The people we need to reach are past that; they’ve lived their lives for two and a half years since then and encountered real world issues and are looking for real world solutions. And if they hear absolutely nothing from us except that we’re mad about 2020, they’ll look elsewhere. I don’t think the Democrats’ ideas are good, but at least they’re saying SOMETHING relevant to these voters’ lives.

    I also think we have got to stop the intra-party hate, backbiting, and treating fellow Republicans like mortal enemies. Our Lord reminds us in Scripture that a house divided against itself cannot stand. We should be able to disagree and still remain friends. I am the kind of person who can argue ferociously against someone and then go out and have a beer with them afterwards. I even sometimes squabble with Rep Turner about this or that, but that doesn’t mean that we are mortal enemies to be crushed at any cost. Unfortunately that’s how some factions within our party view others. That’s got to change.

  3. Hahah NOW people who were Party delegates are complaining that they received my email to all the delegates. They’re not complaining about the substance of this e-mail, they’re complaining that they even received it.

    You know what someone should invent? They should invent a key, like for a computer keyboard, where if you receive an e-mail you don’t want to read, you could just press this key, and the e-mail would immediately disappear!

    I’m going to patent this idea and send it to Bill Gates… I could be a millionaire this time next year 😄😄😄

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