In New Landmark Poll, Trump Slightly Ahead Of Two Governors Who Aren’t Even In The Race.

I received the follow press release from the folks at Landmark Communications. The headline is mine, not Mark’s.


May 16, 2023           

Contact: Mark Rountree, President

Landmark Communications Releases Latest Georgia Republican Presidential Preference Poll 

Trump 40%, DeSantis 32%, Kemp 7%

(Atlanta, GA) – Landmark Communications conducted a statewide poll of likely Georgia Republican Primary voters, finding that Republican Donald Trump leads Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by a margin of 40%-32%, with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp at 7%.

While Trump continues to lead the Republicans, DeSantis is polling better in Georgia than the rest of the country. 

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who has not formally announced a bid to be the Republican challenger, is earning support from 7.1% of likely voters, slightly ahead of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley at 6%. Kemp has a positive favorable-unfavorable ratio, with 73% of those polled having a favorable opinion of him, and only 12% having an unfavorable opinion of him. 

“While people have a very favorable impression of Brian Kemp in Georgia, it’s not yet translating into votes for president,” said Mark Rountree, President of Landmark Communications. “People simply don’t see Kemp as a candidate yet in a presidential capacity.”


Landmark Communications, Inc. conducted a statewide poll of 800 randomly selected likely Republican presidential preference voters on May 14th, 2023. Only interviews with fully completed surveys were tabulated in the results. The poll was conducted utilizing online interviews. The margin of error of this survey is 3.5 percent. 

To be consistent with previous and projected voter turnout, results are weighted based on race, age and gender. Landmark conducted and funded the poll with no input from any candidate or organization. No candidate, campaign, or organization had prior knowledge or input for questions asked. 


Landmark is one of only twelve polling firms in the United States awarded an “A” rating by the polling analysis organization, out of 500 polling firms listed.

For more information, go to and sort by “538 Grade.” 

Landmark Communications, Inc. is a political strategic and polling firm based in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. The firm has more than three decades of polling experience, and regularly conducts and releases public opinion surveys regarding Georgia politics. The firm’s president is Mark Rountree.


2 Replies to “In New Landmark Poll, Trump Slightly Ahead Of Two Governors Who Aren’t Even In The Race.”

    1. LOL. The narrative is that the race is over and yet here comes this poll with Trump well under 50% and only 8 points ahead of DeSantis. DeSantis isn’t in the race yet and MAGA world has spent millions pounding on him. This poll is good news for DeSantis and guys like me who want the GOP to move on from Trump.

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