Trump to Attend GAGOP State Convention

I swear, if this causes me to have to wait in line to enter the convention hall… Or worse, he cannot get off the stage in less than 15 minutes…

Currently unindicted GAGOP Chair, David Shafer, just dropped an email in our inboxes announcing that Donald Trump will be in attendance at the GAGOP State Convention in June.

This comes after the erstwhile president gave up on David Perdue’s gubernatorial campaign to unseat the extraordinarily popular Governor Kemp, and endorsed a slate of candidates who, except for one, got their collective butts handed to them.

Is it any wonder why so many of our actually electable Republicans have decided to skip the convention?

You’ll excuse me if I am not excited. It would have excited me to see our party turn to someone new, someone who is looking forward and not back, and can actually, I don’t know… get elected?

But I can tell you that now the prospect of dealing with the security and the endless rambling makes the prospect of attending the convention as a delegate seem far more tedious than when I woke up this morning. And yet, into the breach I will go once more.

2 Replies to “Trump to Attend GAGOP State Convention”

  1. But you’ll be in the company of the greatest cult since Jonestown.

    Isn’t there *some* value in seeing the inner workings of their religion? I’d be fascinated just to watch those 85-IQ dullards — with their GEDs — just trying to form a simple declarative sentence.

    Or, you know, attempting to pronounce difficult words like “ELECTORAL?” (A skill that eludes that ditzy broad who’s running for GOP chair.)

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