Peach Pundit The Podcast: GAGOP Chairman’s Debate Featuring Rebecca Yardley and Josh McKoon.

Scot and I hosted two of the three candidates who are seeking to become Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. Rebecca Yardley and Josh McKoon agreed to participate, Dennis Futch did not, but Scot read a statement from him after the debate concluded.

We appreciate Rebecca and Josh for joining us and answering our questions.

For more information about their campaigns, follow the links below:

Rebecca Yardley:

Josh McKoon:

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22 Replies to “Peach Pundit The Podcast: GAGOP Chairman’s Debate Featuring Rebecca Yardley and Josh McKoon.”

  1. Someone who can’t pronounce “electoral” should be disqualified from any political party office.

    Nice couple MAGAt nut jobs for chair of the GOP. The dude starts out defending criminal fake electors.

    1. You’ve posted this a few times, so here is your opportunity to shine. Please cite the code section of O.C.G.A. any of the electors actually violated.

      I would not have done what they did, but honestly, I cannot find any instance where they broke the law. Doesn’t make what they did right, but I am going to need you to actually cite the law if you are going to continue to call them criminals.

      1. I’d start with § 21-2-603.

        The election wasn’t stolen. The fake electors knew it wasn’t stolen. They engaged in a conspiracy to keep Trump in office illegally.

        You know it wasn’t stolen.

        Yet you didn’t ask those two lunatics about it today.

        Why give blatant, lying grifters like those two the benefit of the doubt? They’re election deniers who got a pass.

        Then again, they’re seeking the approval of a 2,400 poorly educated rubes from Trump’s cult, Georgia chapter, so they know they have to continue to lie.

        1. “A person commits the offense of conspiracy to commit election fraud when he or she conspires or agrees with another to commit a violation of this chapter. ” -O.C.G.A 21-2-603

          Try harder than that. What are the specific parts of the chapter you allege they violated? In order for your assertion for this code section to apply there must be something specific they did in violation of it. Name the code section.

          And I know the election wasn’t stolen, and I did ask about it, clearly you didn’t watch the whole thing.

          1. Point me to the time stamp when you asked each of them if the 2020 election wasn’t stolen.

            I listened to the entire podcast; is there a different version for Patreons?

            I’ll listen again, but all I remember the two cultists saying was that we need to be sensitive to the feelings of election deniers.

            So, save me some time: where can I find your specific question on whether the election was stolen.

            I remember one host saying “we lost” as part of a question, but certainly no direct query.

            Lil help?

          2. So, you didn’t ask them if the election was stolen.

            You elevated and gave a pass to liars who say the election was stolen.

            Don’t pretend to despise what Trump has done to your party when you treat his cult minions with kid gloves.

          3. I asked the question the way I wanted to ask it. And the listener clearly understands where I am coming from in that moment. It is the same question worded a different way.

            From the transcript:

            “And they(election deniers) feel like they haven’t been listened to, but their hopes and what they believe are based upon things that the evidence just isn’t backing up and supporting. So how do you address them? How do you educate them or are, are they right? And everybody else is wrong on the fact that the election wasn’t stolen, but we lost?”

            Besides, you have had a couple of days now to cite a code section that was violated by the alternate electors and you haven’t.

        2. “They’re election deniers who got a pass. ”

          I gotta tell ya, THAT phrase of “election deniers” sounds exactly as dumb a term as “misgendering” does.

          Made-up, whiny bull-schit by people seeking to control others by making-up “crimes” that don’t exist.

          Put “climate change deniers” on that same list.

          1. Kev, did you recently move to the U.S.?

            Because, you may have as you may not have a memory of the multiple ACCUSATIONS of President DJ Trump being a “Russian spy”, “Russian asset”, etc. etc. for well over 3 years….

            AND then, most recently via the Durham Report (and other reports dribbling out over the past couple of years) that the “RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!” story (along with the Steele Dossier and the infamous watersports claim regarding Trump) was found to be 10,000% FALSE!

            Do you recall that?

            If not, the foregoing is a reminder that it took several years to uncover the FALSEHOODS regarding the claims about Trump.

            SO, the real facts of the 2020 election are not yet known, regardless of how many times you read a moronic story written by a even more moronic “journalist” that the election was not stolen,….because…the truth has not been settled yet.

            The truth takes time to be uncovered.

          2. I’ve lived in this country all my life, and served six years in the military as a commissioned officer. I was a Republican till 2020, though I didn’t vote for your Cheeto Jesus in 2016.

            The outcome *is* known, Cletus.

            You’re in a cult — one that proudly uses mob violence to contest elections.

            There is a reason your sociopathic cult leader loves the poorly educated. You will find it in the mirror.

  2. Cool, so you voted for schit in 2020, eh?

    You voted for someone who allowed the WORSE military withdrawal to happen ever, vis a vis, Afghanistan.

    As a former military commissioned officer, do you masturbate every time schmucks (who despise the US military like Lloyd Austin and Milley do) speak some gibberish in a Congressional hearing about their incompetence, whether via Afghanistan, or 200′ diameter balloons crossing the mass of the 48 contiguous states of the U.S.?

    1. I voted for a Democrat for the first time in my life in 2020, because Trump is a dangerous sociopath who is unfit for any position of responsibility in government.

      January 6 proved me right. You people — and I wouldn’t doubt you were there that day — actually used violence to assault Congress & keep a defeated tyrant in office illegally.

      You’re all very dangerous, mostly because you’re all so VERY stupid. You believe whatever comes out of that obese sexual abuser’s mouth. You are by definition stupid.

      I’m also quite sure you’re proud of your Christian Identity, and Jesus told you to support Herschel Walker, who beats women & kills babies in the womb.

      A very fine Christian, I’m sure.

      1. All you can do is bloviate insults. Bitter, bitter child.

        You should go join the Lincoln Project….that’s where ALL the stars of pissant former Republicans go to hug it out. Lynn Cheney, Kinzinger, et al.

        1. Okay Cletus. I worked my first GOP congressional campaign in 1992, and I guarantee you I’ve done more to advance conservative/Republican principles than you ever will.

          Here’s the thing: you people sent 150 cops to the hospital on January 6.

          You’re an angry mob of cultists.

          Alex Jones is your prophet, Donald Trump is your Christ.

          Brain-dead pagan with a GED.

        2. I don’t drink that piss water, Cletus.

          You embrace mob violence, in service to your pagan god.

          A man who’s never asked God Almighty’s forgiveness, and brags about grabbing women by the vagina.

          I’m sure you and all your white nationalist pals have “Let’s Go Brandon” stickers on your trucks, & high-five each other in the church parking lot, huh?

          You people are human filth. A dagger to the heart of the American gene pool.

          But fine Christians, no doubt.

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