Rep. Mesha Mainor Dumps Dems

I just texted Rep. Mainor the Bible Verse that guided me throughout my time in the Georgia House of Representatives: “Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.” – Acts 4:29

Not that she needs the encouragement.

A while back Clyde wrote about how Rep. Mainor had been targeted for defeat by fellow Democrats for taking a strong stand in defense of African American families being empowered to lift their kids out of failing situations. Apparently the onslaught of attacks did not wane and so today Rep Mainor, An African American Woman, Howard University Graduate, and former staffer for Civil Rights icon, John Lewis, left the Democrat Party and announced she had become a Republican.

Holy smacks.

And she did not do so meekly.

She used words like crucified, abandoned, and abusing to describe how her relationship with the Democrats has disintegrated. She invoked the Black Lives Matter movement and questioned why African American are ignored while aid is sent to the border to assist those attempting to enter the country illegally.

In one sentence she summed it up, “I’m just getting started.”

Here’s the very real problem and political reality facing Mainor from here on: if she thought the Dems were being ruthless with her before, just wait. She knows her district better than I do, so I hope she believes there is a path to victory for her. One thing is clear, the number one issue she is advocating for, giving the children of her district a fair shot at economic opportunity through education, is popular across all demographics. But will it be enough to rise above the coming onslaught?

If she wins next November, she will be among the brightest stars in GOP Universe.

Disclosure time: through a PAC I created, I have written Rep Mainor a check in the past. Do with that as you will. I hope I can raise some more to support her again because she is going to need it.

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