What Sen. McLaurin and Napoleon have in common…

The Honorable Former State Representative Turned Lobbyist Promoted to Editor-in-Chief Before Becoming Owner and Monetizer of Peach Pundit and Budding Popcorn Distributor wrote a good article about what the future might hold for now for Rep. Mainor (R-Atlanta…like, actual Atlanta). Best of luck on her final year in the legislature; she’s sure to get a lot done and, hopefully, there’s some longevity to it. She’s not going to be re-elected.

While the journey of a million miles for the GOP to reconnect and build trust among black voters and families starts with this single step, the journey is far from over. Her decision shouldn’t be celebrated with such fervor as the activist class are demonstrating on Facebook right now. However, it also shouldn’t be ridiculed with the venom and shade that some progressives are throwing at her.

Rep. Wilkerson vocalized the cognitive dissonance some in his caucus have. Her statement that it was a moral decision and not a political one is hard to compute when your comment is “I don’t know why someone would run for reelection and flip in a solidly blue district.” When your decisions are all political and not moral, then it’s understandable. I actually don’t fault a political animal for being political.

More than that, there are serious political disagreements about school choice initiatives. The 14th District Chair of the GOP is staunchly anti-school choice, not to mention the Republicans that banded together to kill the bill in the first place. There’s room for disagreement.

The real problem is with one that is literally the biggest douche in the legislature. Sen. McLaurin is your typical new-age grotesque version of a “progressive.” Pompous. Arrogant. Condescending. Let’s look at the back of his card:

  • He makes his argument personal by calling her a narcissist with a “good riddance” to boot;
  • He wrote out a check for $1,000 to recruit a challenger to her over the school choice bill – no name on the check, just literally anybody;
  • Laughably, his campaign website literally says he wants to “protect our public schools from political interference…”

McLaurin represents everything that is wrong with such revolutionary rhetoric, and here’s where he starts to show his desired position on the Animal Farm. Like Napoleon, he’s bombastic. He’s aggressive. He ridicules those that challenge his position. He feigns an adoration of the disenfranchised while simultaneously enjoying the trappings of wealth and privilege. Bear in mind he joined the ivory tower of legal elites at Yale while thousands of students suffered in schools without any recourse to improve their lot.

And, just like Napoleon, Sen. McLaurin loves to laugh and argue about who the cheaters are while walking upright in the trappings of a fine gentlemen. We know what he really believes. All Georgians are created equal, he just wants to make sure some like him are more equal than those like Rep. Mainor. And when he acts and speaks the way he does, just like on the animal farm, we can’t find any difference between the pigs and the men like him.

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