Two Important Developments Out of Cherokee Tonight

Dr. Kandiss Taylor wants us to win. The journey of a thousand miles from one corner of the planet to the other (quite literally corners in her case) begins with the first step of learning to win with the new CD1 chair. She has the prescription for what’s ailing; as a doctor she is the cure.

That’s right, folks, Kandiss Taylor is teaching victory in Cherokee County next week.

This isn’t exactly an important development, but it is laughable enough that The Honorable Former State Representative Turned Lobbyist Promoted to Editor-in-Chief Before Becoming Owner and Monetizer of Peach Pundit and Budding Popcorn Distributor and Captain Buzzkill (more on that in a moment) shared a screenshot of the invite to his personal Facebook page.

It speaks to a larger trend in the GOP movement that has taken unfortunate root. Celebrity status is more important than actual winning. This status belies that Kandiss Taylor is, in fact, a serial loser in almost everything except a largely meaningless party election. As mentioned on the podcast, Governor Kemp raked in over $5 million dollars – as a term-limited governor. And, he will use that money now to win in 2024 and shore up his position. So, while Doctor Taylor is out talking about hypothetical victory scenarios and actual flat earth conspiracies to a shrinking audience, our Governor is out working now.

However, celebrity status matters more. Sadly. This isn’t good for Republican campaigns.

Recall the story of Kimberly Klacik, who raised $8.3 million dollars for a race in Baltimore. Yes, Baltimore. The same Baltimore that is a garbage heap (sorry to our Baltimore readers, but your city is gross). To her credit, Kimberly Klacik had a point to make in running. Democratic politicians in the city have created that garbage heap and do nothing for black residents that make up nearly 6 in 10. However, mostly non-Marylanders pumped in millions that ended up in the hands of two large media consulting firms.

Now, here in Georgia there is a real risk that we elevate another such “celebrity” in Rep. Mainor and here’s hoping to all that’s right she resists. She has a chance to pass good legislation that truly helps her district (which she also right points out is being ignored by her former caucus colleagues).

Trust me when I say this, Representative, because I absolutely know – celebrity ambitions help nobody but the grifters. Doctor Taylor, regardless if she has the intellectual honesty to admit this or not, is absolutely a grifter. What’s sad is her prey are not only willing participants in the grift, they’re the primary financiers. Whether it’s books, pillows, or advertising on podcasts, they happily fork over cash for things that don’t make their political life any better at all.

Scot is absolutely right. This has to be a joke. Instead, it’s a tragedy.

Speaking of tragedies, this is the second big development coming out of Cherokee County – my “publisher” has asked that I no longer call him by his formal title. In his words, “…while cute, it is becoming tedious reading all of your nicknames for me. Pick one or two. Stringing then together is taking up half your word count…” Well, it’s the only way I know how to keep up with the word count of Lora. Following Pye’s awkard repartee and calling you “Scotifer” makes me sound like a banker. But, you are my friend and I care about your feelings. So, the formal title is retired, Captain Buzzkill (sorry, last one…).

Just remember: I am here to write jokes, not tragedies. Look to the first district for those.

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