This culture war is exhausting

This culture war is exhausting. Just like most ill planned wars, the only exit strategy to the quagmire appears to be total obliteration of the “enemy.” Knowing that we can’t imprison those we politically disagree with in this country, nor make people think and feel the right things, there’s never going to be an end.

Let’s start with a few observations. First, the song is innocuous at best when it comes to inciting violence. I mean, honestly – it’s Jason Aldean. He’s about as vanilla of a country star as they come. However, when we have songs by Carrie Underwood talking about destroying property – quite explicitly, too – not to mention a fire fingered fiddler making bets with Lucifer for his soul, “try that in a small town…” is really no different than my dad telling me “try that in this house…” It’s just a statement of fact. You can’t hide from your neighbors in a small town, just like I couldn’t run away from the king of the hill.

Second, and this is the key observation, that we lift up absolute garbage to prove a point is beyond me. In terms of country artists, Aldean is ho-hum at best. That he’s a success speaks more to how poor your tastes really are. As a songwriter, he doesn’t compare to Chris Stapleton. As a musician, he’s likely never going to come close to the skill of someone like Brad Paisley. As an entertainer, he’s never going to put on the show that Garth Brooks does. Just as a flat out country singer, does he even hold a candle to the troubadour king himself, George Strait.

Yes, the lines of modern country music are blurred quite a bit with the pop garbage that sells records and outshines third world economies. That just means it’s extra hot garbage. Which is why this particular episode speaks the larger cultural wars that both sides are doing their damndest to lose. Jason Aldean skyrockets to the top of the charts because candy-ass progressives find fault with where his video was shot. Okay, but don’t take that as a victory conservatives. Barbie, in a tepid movie market, grossed $155 million in its opening weekend despite the conservative provocateur class railing against its “wokeness.”

Culture wars, like most other wars, have clear profit and power motives. Even when righteous and justified, there are those that see opportunities for easy pickin’s at your expense. The Provocateur Class knows that your eyeballs fuel their profit margins. Ben Shapiro’s 45 minute “movie review” of Barbenheimer has already amassed 1.2 million views on Youtube, which means he’s likely already amassed a revenue stream from that one video alone of about $3,000 – $4,000. The video’s been up for one day. That doesn’t include the millions of views on videos on the left and the right being fueled by this topic. Ask yourself how long you watch these hot garbage videos and then ask yourself – honestly – if that time could have been better used watching a video on how jet engines work on YouTube (which I did this morning on the toilet – fascinating stuff).

Do better, folks. Choose better music. Pick better fights. Spend your time more wisely. You’re not winning this culture war. You’re just being used to fuel the ambitions of those you likely despise.

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    1. Aldean didn’t write this song, He didn’t direct the video. He didn’t produce the video. So, his “ingenuity” is…questionable…he literally just showed up to do what he’s told.

      At the end of the day, there are better songs about “small town” values than this one. One song that immediately comes to mind is “God and Country Music” by George Strait.

      My choice of song is objectively better. However, if you feel the need to include Aldean in your jam session involving Imagine Dragons, Rascal Flatts, and Creed – you do you, boo. Just don’t make it a cultural statement.

      In other words, your music sucks, Bill.

        1. First, it’s David Gilmour – if you’re going to try and one-up me on musical intelligence, at least spell his name right. Second, over their contemporaries, I’d definitely take “The Wall” over, say, “Stairway to Heavan,” if I’m trying to make culturally significant statements. Zeppelin, enjoyable – but basic – compared to Pink Floyd.

          Which goes to the point you’re clearly not willing to engage about this post – there are better artists to use in culture wars than simply finding the latest thing that upsets the libs. Are we all allowed to have our guilty pleasures? Sure…go for it. This is America.

          Except Creed. If you’re listening to Creed, get help Bill. Get help right now!

          1. Creed, no, Audioslave, yes.

            TOOL, yes. (likely TOO hard a rock group for your sensitive ears, tho’)

            OLD R.E.O. Speedwagon, yes. (“old” being up to and including “You Can Tune A Piano…”, but nothing after that)

            Styx, yes, but only up to and including Pieces of Eight.

            RUSH, any of their albums.

            Shinedown…any albums, yes….and many more consist of my “taste” in music.

            But, BTW, Grifty-Baby…you have a really, really hard time with recognizing snarky humor, I see…what a shame. Keep sipping that Cutty Sark scotch, tho’… 😉

            1. You had me worried for a moment. 🙂

              Audioslave combined some of the best rockers this world has ever known. Chris Cornell > Zach de la Rocha all day err day, bruh!

              TOOL = perfection. Nuff said. People can talk about it’s rock, and it’s hard, but it’s honestly so melodic and amazing. Danny Carey is, without question, the greatest drummer of all time.

              When it comes to Styx, this says it

              As for REO, well…maybe you don’t like Creed…but…

              Now, as far as humor goes, we all know you’re “humor” here, Bill. You’re generally pretty eager to go hard against people digitally until you get pushback. I get your tone, and if you’d just chill most of the time, it’d be taken for actual snarky humor instead of insecurity.

              We ended up having a good conversation about music. That’s what matters most!

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